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wisemanspeeks wrote:

someone told a friend of mines to vacate and to come back when his heart was right,
i say Enoch heart is right in facts of shedding truths light,
he extended an invite to join aafo i came because of reasons i stated in why i am here,i saw his vision and tried to adapt.he is no longer among these dwellings i know not why ?yet i feel it was due to lack of understanding.
something darkness despises,, it's a shame we as a race of people have taken off the chains of oppression only to shackle ourselves with unrest and destitute ,so i shell pick up my staff dust off my sandals at ur door and move on leave as i came in peace .wizthom,,,kala see i practice what i preach unlike obama , i am loyal to my friends:-), tho your heart is good your eyes are blinded,,but in time even the blind shell see,

odd to a friend
it is a sad day here ,
one whom i called friend ,
has vanish deleted his page,
as a friend whom i valued,
i am sure he had good reasons,
now i have no reason to stay,
for birds of a feather do flock together,
i will be deleting myself as well,
silly of me to think i could find companionship,
amongst my own ,i am sadden indeed,

my heart is heavy we as a race of people have come so far,
only to let what we dislike in others come inside our hearts ,
in this world of change upon a second look you will find,
it's the same old discombobulation stirring the shit of woes,
under your nose,

Enoch farewell my friend we shell meet again,
unlike enemies who often travel and bed down together,
we shell meet as we met in passing,
i harbor no hard feelings here as i was never sure ,
who ran it, but one thing i know ,,
who is not running it ,,

Demon half angel

on every battle field a heroes will fall

on every battle field heroes will fall,
but like sinners to saints,
they get up to rise above it all,
to stand for a cause,
first a tear must fall,
no matter how small,
with faith you can stand tall,
on every battle field heroes will fall,,
into each life some tears must fall,

they say I'm fighting a losing battle,
that mankind fate is sealed,
so why even bother,
well if this is true,
then tell me what is it i have to lose,

for i fight not for pride,
nor power or riches of this life,
for fame would never be my claim,
as a soldier of GOD that i am,
just want you to know ,
I'm here to win the war,

there for i fear not losing a battle,
for on every battle field,
some heroes will fall,
into each life some tears must fall,
such as the nature,nature of war,

my GOD says when life, crime, and times,
brings tears to your eyes,
let not your fears over come your courage,
for your weakness is your strength,
your deliverance is near,

you can tell by the cold of the snow,
and the winds that blows,
a world filled with strife,
in the still of the night,

men killing each other,
for no reason at all,
in these troubling times,
even the mighty shell fall,

for on every battle field,
heroes will fall,
into each life some tears must fall,
keep the faith and the faith shell keep you,
just you know in the end you will win the war,,,peace wisemanspeeks aka wizthom


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