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A Book and a Chat… the show that nearly never happened

Saturday as many of you know is my Book and a Chat Radio Show. Normally it starts at 11:00 and I check about ten minutes before to make sure connections, microphone phone etc is working correctly. The you as the host dial into Blogtalk radio, set up your switchboard and wait for your guest or anybody else who wants to chat to arrive.

This morning however, when you attempted to open the switchboard you received an error message. I attempted to get to the switchboard, but no matter what I attempted this part of Blogtalk was not working. That meant that though my guest dialed in I was unable to see her or open a microphone for her to join the chat show. I could not control, open, play the music nothing. I even sang the closing music...

So I tried to chat for the thirty minutes about my guest, my book "Across the Pond" and YA Blogging. I had no idea what was going on and after, I could not even check or listen to the show.

Finally seven hours later the problem was fixed. I knew this as suddenly I received a message from my guest saying she was there.

The show is also finally now available for people to listen to.

So check the show out, listen as I try to cover 30 minutes about my planned guest, my book, reviews, have my rant about YA bloggers and even sing the closing music.

Give it a lsiten and let me know what you think


Author of Young Adult Romance/Fiction book
"Across the Pond"

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