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Once again darkness has covered the earth… As promised another page from Lucian Monroe’s journal~ a 400-year old vampire from the new spellbinding paranormal romance novel A Deepened Hunger ~

read how it all began…

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December~ 1608

As darkness covered the earth, I awoke. A burning need claimed my soul to nourish my corpse—to ease the hunger within. Reminding me… I am ‘undead’. With a single thought, I hovered above the city. My creator—smiling, pleased I mastered the transformation from mist into human form. Taking my hand we hunted as one. The ebony eyed beauty~ Kara… a vampire since the time of pharaohs. As we approached the square, I began to salivate. For the smell of human blood was intoxicating as it pumped through their veins.

Piercing my thoughts Kara whispered, “Take control of her mind. Call the young lady to you Lucian. Mask reality and feed—but do not drain her! Remember what I taught you… we do not kill to survive. For there is no need.”

I felt my teeth lengthen. Drawing in a breath I wrapped the woman in my arms, easing her fear with a calming kiss. My hunger intensified and I sank my fangs deep into her flesh. As the warm liquid coated my throat, the burning with-in began to subside. Fighting my inner self to calm the beast, I took only what I needed. I then closed the wound with my healing tongue. Sensing Kara’s approval—for I did not disappoint her. Once our hunger was satisfied, we strolled beneath the moonlit sky. Again I asked why she had chosen me, why not another. For I was an earl from birth, my father’s first born. And this existence would dishonor the Monroe name—my country. The vampire glanced up at me with sorrow filled eyes. I sensed her thoughts and cursed. The sorrow within was not for turning me into one of the undead—but for all of mankind…

I rest in this darkened crypt—waiting for the sleep of the dead to claim me—yet again. For I yearn to visit—Monroe Castle. Yearn for my mother’s smile, my sister’s laughter. For two full moons have passed over the earth since my last calling. Since the night, I was made vampire.

Damn you! To the devil Kara! For you had no right… my loyalty lies with England and my family. And by God I shall find a way to live amongst them as the creature you turned me into…

Lucian Monroe~

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A Deepened Hunger~ A vampire’s journal
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