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A Scarcity Of Sea Monsters: Sweet Gentle Tale From The Deep

A Scarcity Of Lake Monsters by Laurel K Hamilton

Overall Rating : Sweet gentle Tale From Deep Water

Okay after reading two really bad books in a row, I’m not sure whether I can gamble on another five hundred novel just yet. I need a breather after that god awful Clive Cussler torture contraption called Atlantis Found. So I’m taking a break and am heading back to world of short stories. And I’m going to one of favorite authors Laurel K Hamilton. This one is called “A Scarcity Of Lake Monsters” and can be found in the Strange Candy collection.

So what is it about? Well it’s a day in the life of Forest Ranger at the Enchanted Forest National Park, of which the forest title it self gives away the fact that the park has creatures such as satyr’s and leprechauns‘ live in it. But this story is involved deeply in the couple’s relationship with the Lake Monster named Irving, that they seem end to love as part of their family almost. Like a pet. But as the day goes on, something terrible happens, because people don’t understand the creature. Drama circles the incident. I’m not saying any more than that or I would be spoiling things if I hadn’t done so already.

So the good. Well even though this is ridicules. Everyone I it seems so real. Mike. Jordan, Susan and even Irving seem like real character. And the relationships between all of them felt like you were right there. Plus this is one of the most innocent pieces I seen by Laurel in a Lon time. I wish she would turned this into a book giving us all something new rather than her never ending Gentry and Blake series. As usual, detail is fantastic as well.

So the bad? I can’t say much. Maybe more action would be nice. But that already stated was not the goal of the story here. I wish it could continue but it is only a short story after all.

Overall this is something entirely new and written that kind shows a light hearted world. It is worth looking into.

Four smoothies out of 4

Overall Rating : Sweet gentle Tale From Deep Water

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