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Amy Grant has a copy of The Victor and autographed mine!!!

Thirty years ago I was in my early 20's and working as John Styll's secretary at Contemporary Christian Music Magazine (CCM) when it was known as the Christian version of Rolling Stone magazine in Orange County, CA.

John was the editor and I was his receptionist/administrative assistant. At the time he hired me, the magazine had just changed its look from newsprint to a more professional-looking glossy magazine with Andre Crouch gracing the cover. During the course of my employment at CCM, we would have various Christian artists come into the offices for one reason or another such as The Archers, Daniel Amos, and Bob Bennett. At this time Amy Grant was getting consistent grief from one of the subscribers about her picture on the cover of her latest album ("Father's Eyes"). We referred to him as the "two button man" because he kept making such stink over the fact that her white shirt wasn't modestly buttoned all the way up to her chin.

Towards the end of my employment, I had the unique opportunity to meet my favorite Christian artist, Keith Green. I volunteered to drive up to Woodland Hills on my own dime/time and after hours to deliver the article on him and his ministry (Last Days Ministries) to he and his wife Melody for their review prior to publication. To say that I was besides myself with excitement would have been an understatement!

I drove the two hours in the rain with barely contained excitement and joy which reached its' apex when I walked up to the door and rang the doorbell. Moments later, it opened and I was greeted by Keith's adopted daughter, Dawn (then about 13) and was asked to wait with her and his then toddler son, Josiah and newborn daughter, Bethany. I waited for hours for them to return only to finally have Keith walk in, take the article, sit down for 2 hours to pour over every word with Melody, get up, hand it back to me, saying "thanks for coming" and then finally plopping down on the couch in front of the television, unceremoniously dismissing me. I cried all the way home.

Fast forward 30 years, my old boss John is now President of the Gospel Music Association and was kind enough to respond to my email to their general email box. He still remembered me! He helped me out with contacting Amy Grant's management agency so I could give her a copy of my book that was inspired by her song.

Being the gracious lady that she is, she was kind enough to autograph my copy (a genuine treasure) and she has the one that I autographed to her telling her thank you for the inspiration!

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