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Ayllusuyu Events beginning in July!

Have you ever noticed that there seem to be patterns of life followed in your family and how those patterns came to be? And what could be done to untangle those knots? By the way in which something is woven and the pattern formed by it, it affects the entire design of the cloth. Tracking those threads back to the original event in which the tangle occurred, you can then unravel it, thus, freeing it to flow in the natural way it was intended to be. We track those threads energetically, and then clear those threads from its original formation in the past. Through ancient ceremony, we find those threads that are prevalent throughout the family. Using the ways of the Andean people of Peru, we can then untangle those knots that have tethered our families for generations.
The common threads can now be
Financial freedom instead of hardship
Fertility instead of Infertility
Good Health instead of Illness as well as many other strands
What has been the impact of each of the strands on the family and the family beliefs created

as a result of them?
$475.00 (includes workshop, lodging, and food). This is one four-day event.
Fly free of the cage that has captured and over-protected you for so long When a woman is free, she returns to her natural state of gentle strength. For many reasons, women have chosen to find ways to protect themselves from dangers engendered through beliefs handed down to them. How are women captured and over-protected by others and by themselves and the price paid for that illusion of safety? The Essential Feminine, within you, has been telling you, for some time now, that it’s time to let her out, without fear.
Open the door of your cage and Fly.
Through ancient ceremony, you release the captured and over-protected selves so the free and vital woman you really are can be delightfully visible in the world. Then you can know what True Peace within is. $425.00 per each three-day weekend. The Natural Way of Women meets in two three-day weekends, about three months apart.
Through your Sacred Journey of The Eight Corners of The New Medicine Wheel, you will have the actual opportunity to fly higher, right from the beginning. You cannot change physical events, but you can change the way those events have energetically impacted in your life. By releasing that which keeps you stuck in the past and transforming it all into the Pure Active Energy it really is, you can become who you truly are. What you come to know in The Medicine Wheel, you can use in your everyday life, realistically and actually. The Medicine Wheel is a two-year journey, meeting approximately four times per year in three-day weekends. $500.00 per each three-day weekend.
The pricing for all workshops includes food, lodging, and workshop. The group you will initially meet with in The Natural Way of Women and The Medicine Wheel will be the group that will continues that journey with you, as it will be closed to new members after the first segment. If you are interested, have questions, to register, please call e-mail Fran at We now take payment by credit card or PayPal as well as check or money order. Upon registration, you will receive a packing list as well as address and directions to the retreat center.
For a full description of The Medicine Wheel, visit our web site, For a full description of The Family Tapestry and The Natural Way of Women, please send an e-mail and it will be sent to you.
Fran Russo of Ayllusuyu is a shaman working in the tradition of the Peruvian shamans. Fran is the author of Through The Eyes of Jaguar: One Woman’s Journey.

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