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MoorRey Publishing releases Midnight: Rise of the Black Vampires Second Edition.
15-year old Amber has all the problems of the average teenage, except she's a vampire. Since the vampires animation from folk lore, they have been continually reborn in modern culture. Vampires give rise to a host of anxieties and desires in our every shifting culture as they are brought to life on the page or in film. Midnight: Rise of the Black Vampires is no different in the way in which it embeds vampires in their cultural contexts, exploring their relationship to modernity together with issues of gender, national identity, technology, consumption, and social changes. 
Midnight: ROTBV doesn't just employ vampires as metaphors for sexual exploration. This novel does more than show the ways women must fight to feel socially valuable. Midnight: ROTBV is more than a tale of vampires ruled by the Thirst and governed by Lust. It is a less-fable, more gritty novel that has introduced readers to a new breed of vampire
Midnight: ROTBV  leans on allegory, myth and cultural references as it combines an inventive narrative structure with dynamic characters and social commentary. Rise of the Black Vampires brought about discussions of whether Amber an allegorical representation of postmodern life? Is she a progressive feminist, a challenge to gender hierarchy? Is she a philosophical viewing glass of subjectivity and truth? Is Rise of the Black Vampires a barometer for white supremacy?
Black characters are to be revered, celebrated and revolutionary. American Literature as well as entertainment hubs should present them as such. The color of Amber's skin is significantly deeper than the labeling of it. Amber Wharton may be a vampire, but she is still scared, she is still unsure and she still wants to be loved
The Second Edition has More Graphic Pages, More Artwork, More Color and More Bite, and is available now.
ISBN: 978-0-9968296-0-1

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