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Blood Calls to Blood: The Story of Wyrd John

Witch. (go to for ordering info.)


Seeker of Truth.

And Killer condemned to Death Row.

Wyrd John went from a free-roving spiritual seeker of truth, wandering America, practicing the "Old Ways" of his lineage – casting spells, combining herbs and casting his energy outward into the world – until the Universe conspired against him and he ended up finding his Fate was to have murderer’s blood on his hands. Now he sits in a 6X9 cage waiting for the moon to shine through the bars of his cell …

My mother told me we came from a long line of witches much later and while I had learned this already from my sister, my mother went into greater detail about how far back this went.

My almost forgotten talents awoke. The hairs of my head seemed to stand on end; cold power sent chills over my skin. It was a warm and sunny afternoon. Power moved around us, and I could see it like heat rising off the asphalt in the distance, distorting the view of what was beyond.

Hecate! Hecate! Hecate!

Hear me. Assist me. Avenge me.

For the wrongs done

To my mind

To my spirit

To my body

Joy and I repeated the words each in turn.

With anger rage and fury

We call upon the Sisters Three

The bane of Evil

The Scourge of the Vile

The blight of the Deeds Dark

Again we repeated the words.




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