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Book Promotion: the Next Step

Writing a book is no easy feat. A congratulations and a nice cup of java is well deserved for any that author has accomplished this. More and more people are discovering that they too can be a self published author. New print-on-demand technology makes storage and warehouse fees an old thing of the past. If you are have already realized this and put forth your POD book then hats off to you!

As you may know, once you have the book in your hands, you have only won half of the battle. You must put forth a huge effort to market your book - and this is where most fall off.

Coordinated marketing efforts, involving PPC campaigns, an up-to-date website/blog, landing pages and more, will give an author a huge competive advantage. Book promotion on the internet is an important part of being published. And unfortunately for some, there are no quick fixes or shortcuts to becoming a successful author. Writing is a serious business and online networking is an essential part of the process of publishing and marketing books.

Book signings at your local bookstore my be good for the soul - but you are far better off putting your efforts into online promoting.

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Comment by Kristin Callender on January 29, 2009 at 2:40pm
Yes Kira, you are so right. Marketing has become a full time job for me since my first book was published in Nov. 2008. (The Truth Lies in the Dark by Kristin Callender) It is frustrating at times, especially when most of the effort is wasted. So I try to keep positive and enjoy each small victory. I have agreed to do some signings at local libraries, but have not approached the book stores because they want too much of a discount on my book. I will keep trying though.

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