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Book Release: "A HOUSE of PRAYER (Not a Hospital)"

It is believed by many that the Church is a hospital.  It is often said that it is a place for the sick. Does this mean that no one ever gets well?

The Lord did not come to build hospitals. He came to restore us back to the Father and for us to have an abundant life in every way. The House of the Lord is a House of Prayer.

What is your place of worship?  Is it a place of worship or a place of hospitality? What is its main objective?  Is it a social place where many simply seek to find refuge with those they have much in common?  Is it a place where you can come to take part in the activities and have a good time?  A place to simply feel comfortable and accepted?  A place where you can feel good, but not necessarily become transformed by the renewing of your mind by the Word of God!  

THINK and ponder for a moment. Is your place of worship simply a hospital for sinners or a museum for saints?  Is it here you can simply remain sick sinners for a lifetime?

The next time you are in an actual hospital look around and see all the hurting people.  Take notice and see how crowded it is in the emergency room.  How long the lines are, waiting for prescriptions to be filled. How long do you have to wait. Notice the many specialists, doctors, nurses and technicians scurrying about. Yes, it is serious business, how sad so many are ailing. They are all there for a multiplicity of reasons.

All things considered, is this really how you think “A House of Prayer” should really be?

All of these questions and more are addressed in my new book. Pick up a copy today for $ .99 during the Kindle Countdownon Amazon, and go with me to my Father's House, <strong>"A HOUSE of PRAYER (Not a Hospital)." </strong><em>

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