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Book Review: Consenting Adult by Peter Skeels

This is a very intriguing novel that is thought-provoking and philosophical. I love the modern approach to the ten commandments and how the author weaves the Socratic method into his story. I love the questioning scepticism spirit of the narrative and how readers are also led on this journey of self-questioning.


The story is about Jonathan, who is hired to teach a creative writing class at a local college. He set on a quest as a modern-day Moses to rewrite the ten commandments so that they are more relevant to the modern-day person who may struggle to live his/her most moral and meaningful life.


Jonathan is surprised when his students are sceptical about all that he is presenting. Each scene of the story takes the reader deeper into the questioning tendencies of the students. It’s a wonderfully deep and unforgettable journey of self-discovery about topics that will stretch the imagination.


Peter Skeels’s story is skillfully written. It has plenty of imagery, it will transport the reader right into the middle of the story. I honestly felt as if I was one of the students in Jonathan’s class. What a wonderful tribute to deep reflection and questioning for a philosopher like myself.

I recommend this book to anyone who would like a deep and intriguing read, one that will make one think and reflect on life’s purposes and overall meaning.



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