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Book Review: Running Back in Time by Dr. Zeev Gilkis


Who would have thought that you can get younger instead of older? Being middle age myself, this premise really appeals to me! And after reading Dr. Gilkis’ book I know I can also feel younger by changing my mindset and being more disciplined about what is best for my health. That is something that every middle-aged person needs to hear and achieve! And it is within our power to do so.


     Dr. Gilkis is not a stranger to hardship. He has recovered from knee injury and cancer. He learned early on that he could succeed and follow his dreams of good health and well being. He believed in the benefits of sports. Dr. Gilkis set a goal. By his 70th birthday, he wants to run a full marathon. He gave himself a few years to prepare. Given that he wasn’t always a physically active person, this was quite a milestone.


     Dr. Gilkis believes that everything begins in the mind. If we keep telling ourselves that we can’t do things as we age, it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. However, if we decide to age in a healthy manner, we will have to fight our body’s weaknesses and make strengthen our body through hard work and discipline. Dr. Gilkis achieved physical health by running marathons and triathlons.


     Dr. Gilkis’ formula for health is to dream big, plan to improve our stamina as much as we can, be persistent, visualize what we would like to achieve, and don’t give up. We can only do these things by knowing that we have the power within to bring about physical health and well-being.


     Therefore, we have to make an investment in our health as we age. Given that we live at a time where sedentariness and obesity are at an all-time high, Dr. Gilkis’ formula for health is important. It can save our lives. What is more, physical activity contributes to physical heath. It also helps our brains be healthy.


     I loved Dr. Gilkis’ book! It is informative and inspirational! He believes that he can’t succumb to aging. We have to age with the determination to get better each day. I can’t wait to read Dr. Gilkis’ next book!

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