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Christmas books Written By Fay Risner

Looking for a Christmas Holiday read that is light and humorous. I have written three books just right for the holidays sold on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and for kindle and nook.
Christmas Traditions is the first Amish book I wrote, and I got the idea from the story by looking at a Christmas Card.
Margaret Goodman was traveling into the country to visit her nephew even though she knew her late sister's husband was going to tell her to go home. Margaret had left the Amish community to become English and married a lawyer which she later divorced. Not the type of woman an Amish man wants to visit with his small son.

Christmas With Hover Hill
This story came about as a way to use the picture of the Cinderella Coach I took at a horse-drawn vehicle auction at Kalona, Iowa. That and from a new cast I saw years ago where robots were being designed to do housework. I combined the two ideas and the heroine is a lonely teacher in Cedar Falls, Iowa who has been jilted. Her only bright moment was going to be when her brother came to have Christmas with her. Then the note came that he wasn't going to be able to come to visit her. In his place, he sent a robot named Hover Hill. The robot was bossy and tried to take over her life. She was ready to send him back when she figured out the robot was wired by the ex-boyfriend and her brother to spy on her. Mad at the both of them she puts Hover Hill in her car, packs a bag, and takes off for parts unknown which ends up in a fairy tale romance.

Leona's Christmas Bucket List came about because of my effort to get a Walmart Soap Dispenser to work in the women's restroom. A woman showed me how to wave my hand under the automatic machine and when I said I did it. She added, "Now you can take this off your bucket list." She left in a hurry and I stood there staring at myself in the mirror wondering if I needed to make a bucket list.
Leona's list had to be made out at Christmas time and her daughters were not exactly a help to Leona even though they were well-meaning. The book is full of humor and a small mystery that is a worry to Leona and took some time for her daughters to solve because Leona wasn't talking.

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