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It is about time, a new Dirk Pitt novel. I have read them all and say that with a certain degree of satisfaction. I love to be entertained by Clive Cussler with this character and band of off- beat friends
and coworkers at NUMA. I know what to expect when I crack the novel open and
Crescent Dawn is no exception. Here is what the novel is about:”Three events,
distant in time and space: A treasure-laden fourth century Roman galley
narrowly escapes a ferocious pirate attack; a World War I British warship
explodes mysteriously in the North Sea; and in the all-too-real present-day, a
string of coordinated bomb attacks destroys historic mosques in Egypt and Turkey.
Something links these violent events and it's up to NUMA director Dirk Pitt to
find and tie the deadly threads.”

Just to get my only negative point out of the way: I am getting a little tired of Dirk & company taking on the world’s terrorists. Yes, I know he graduated from the Air Force Academy along with his best bud,
Al. But let’s start to have fun with other stuff. Let the terrorist work be
done by his other franchise The Oregon Files, another of my favorites, but I
digress yet again. The essence of the novel and the different flavors that Dirk
Pitt brings to the table are there for me. I enjoyed the different historical
subplots Cussler gives us on the three different time period ships. I like the
way he ties everything together into a nice neat package at the end as usual; I
guess I just like the usual Clive Cussler/Dirk Pitt fun and frivolity.

Dirk Cussler gets his name on the cover along with his father, Clive and I wonder what Dirk’s contribution to the novel is. Is it here and there? Is the process just managed by Clive? Does young Dirk do all the research?
What exactly is he doing and is he heir apparent to the franchise? Am I going
to be reading about Dirk until I am using a walker to get around? Will Dirk
still be kicking the bad guys’ arses and making fun of them the entire time
just using whatever is lying around ala McGyver? Or is McGyver ala Dirk Pitt? I
guess I am going to wrap this up by saying I got satisfaction from this novel. It
is a good read, yet lengthy, I think they could have saved a tree or two in the
process, 548 pages is a bit much. I think my major concern is where this is all
going. There was considerable length in between the last novels, are they
ramping up? What is next for Dirk and Al? I am going to stay tuned, but my
patience is waning. I look for a different and brighter direction for these
quality characters. They have too much potential and not enough momentum in
them to consistently be used like this; they need to get back to basics and do
what they do best.

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