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I remember as if it was yesterday when God spoke to my spirit about writing a book. I did not want to take on the task, because of fear. Fear of what others would think when I told them what God was calling me to do. I had to do some long, hard praying, to make sure that I heard Him correctly. When I held the book in my hands for the first time, I thought that I was going to faint, because it was now a reality. The secret that I kept for eight long months was now out in the open. As a first time author eight years ago, I had to learn how to conquer my fears against those who knew me best. Would they accept my new calling? Or would they perceive it as a joke? At any rate, I trusted God and overcame my fears to be the person that He called me to be. I did not let what others thought of me change the path that God had for my life.


If you do not conquer your fears, God’s plans for your life will be delayed. If He told you to step out on faith and believe in His Word, what else do you need? But, you have allowed others to tell you what you can and cannot do. Some people do not want to see you move forward. So, they use their negative influences to try and hold you back. It’s time to learn your enemies’ tactics when they come to poison your mind with self-doubt. They will try every trick in the book to keep you from succeeding and moving forward to a life of prosperity.


Those that pretended to be your friends loved it when you felt defeated and had to lean and depend on their phony support— thinking that they meant you well when they really did not. They gloated over the fact that they had you believing that they were your friends. When all along they stuck close to you to make sure that your dreams would never come to fruition. Look, listen, and learn their schemes. Sometimes people stick close to you in the disguise of fake friendships just to keep feeding you negative information, in hopes to stagnant your plans in life.


Whenever you talk about the positive things that God is doing in your life, watch their conversation turn negative. With God, there is no negativity in what He speaks. God only wants to empower your life through His Words. He wants to set you free from the crippling conversation that has been planted and rooted in your mind by family and friends. God knows that you cannot move forward in Him, until you have mentally and spiritually broken that defeated image of yourself. He wants you to see your self-worth in Him, so that you will not give others the power to destroy your dreams.


I was always told from a very young age, “To have peace inwardly is worth more than money in the bank.” You can sleep at night without a care, knowing that God will protect you from the slander of your enemies— remember talk is cheap. Never give a person power over you, because the moment you do, you will surely be defeated. You cannot choose the family that you were born into, but you can choose your friends and the people that you allow into your life.  


Fear is your worst enemy, because it causes you to lose your faith. When you complain, it brings to life what you have dreaded the most—failure. There are those that will die in their situations because they cannot see pass their “poor is me attitude.” God told Moses to tell the people, what they feared the most would be the very thing that will destroy them.


Instead of conquering and living in the land, that God had promised and prepared for them. A land that was already fertile. All they had to do was conquer it and move in, but the Israelites would wander in circles in the wilderness, until all those that complained against God died. Fear was the culprit that caused them not to live the life that He had planned for them. Fear will be the force that will destroy us today.   


The devil will always paint the picture to make it seem as though life was good when people who had control over you were mentally, physically, and spiritually beating you down. As soon as God wants to deliver you from those bad situations and take you to a place where you can be free, you rebel. Satan does not want you to know that through Christ there is deliverance from the negative reports that had you bound to the pressures of life. Whining will only keep you in those predicaments, until you eventually succumb to your situation.


It’s time to rise above the influences of fear and see yourself as the victor in everything that you set out to do. When you have conquered your fears, you can move on to the next chapter of your life. With faith, prayer, and determination, the sky will be the limit for you, because you have finally believed the report of the Lord.

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