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EveryDay Life Named Title of the Year

MG Hardie's book EveryDay Life has been named winner at the Afr-Am Literary Gala. EveryDay Life tells the humorous story of a hardworking young father trapped between the world in which he lives and the life he wants. After shootings, unwarranted police searches, and a lot of shenanigans he decides against all odds to better his life for himself and his daughter. EveryDay Life was announced as a nominee at Afr'Am Labor Day Festival, which was held in Virginia and headlined by Salt & Pepper, Keith Sweat, BBD and many others. The Afr'Am Festival award has announced that EveryDay Life has won 2009 Title of the Year! EveryDay Life has already earned a Reader Views Literary Award in Humor. And has been named The Best Kept Literary Secret of 2008. Reviewers, radio hosts, critics, and college professors have called Hardie's book "A Snapshot of African-Americana", “New Literary Standard”.

MG Hardie is already drawing comparisons to popular film maker Tyler Perry. EveryDay Life has even been compared to movie titles such as The Wood and The Best Man. “EveryDay Life is not just about one man's eye-opening struggle. It is about all of us and the choices we make” says Hardie. EveryDay Life is an unexpected mixture of poltics, philosophy, humor, fresh perspective, and Hope.

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