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Growing up hoping to do something you love, a average person will have a idol to look up to. Not just a father or relative, but I mean a mean someone who had beat the odds and achieved the same thing that you wish to achieve. Very few have ever did this for many, and I had less that done so for me. But this year in 2008 we lost one of these few people who had achieved the American dream and proved that all is not hopeless as some of us struggling with day to day life may believe. We lost one of the greatest writers of our time. We have lost the Steven Spielberg of the novel world. We have lost Michael Crichton. He was writer different that most. He wrote books that stayed brought something amazing to us, but stayed within the real of reality and, as a struggling writer my self, I could only say that I wish that I could have had a opportunity to meet him or at least shake his hand.

Michael Crichton was not a Stephen King, Laurell K. Hamilton or even a fantasy writer, who seem to have all the rave these days. Stephen King and Laurell K. Hamilton, it is safe to say started with great work, but over the years they loss their touch, only making a well written book everyone once and a while. Meanwhile other writers like Stephanie Meyer or J.K.. Rowling simply would bleed a franchise dry until there is nothing else. Or very much like Philip Pullman, who had one trilogy. One true masterpiece, and that was the end. All these people through out their careers have burnt out or ran out of ideas. And will have a spark every once and a while, but will not be a great as their first works when writing was fresh and new. Michael Crichton, did something rather different. He proved his self multiple times over and over. His spark never did go out.

He wrote books that typically involved science fiction, action and thrillers. He wasn't wordy truthfully. He didn't focus heavily on relationships, details, or worked hard to set any sort of mood for his novels. His books focused on the characters. And characters is what held the book together.. He told a simple star forward story, but isn't to go with out saying that his books weren't layered.

Books such as his two Jurassic Parks and Prey both analyzed the idea of what could happened if technology went beyond our control. In Jurassic Park, he focused on the genetic part, as in Prey he analyzed the idea of artificial evolution through the reproduction of out of control robots. They both very much analyzed how little control we have. Next focused very well on a idea of society advanced by technology so much that it created a world where the scientific cooperation became the new governments and people essentially were on the verge of losing their rights. They very much reflected what society could very well become in very many scenarios. Most of his book have been adapted into movies

He is the only man that I can truly say, is the HG Wells of our time. Very much like HG Wells he created ground breaking material that no other author has, as well as broke the hell out of some old ground with books such as Sphere and Timeline/

So in memory of this man this blog is written. He will be missed by those who loved him, his fans, and those who are inspired by him. Goodbye Michael Crichton. October 23, 1942 – November 4, 2008

Books By Michael Crichton
The Andromeda Strain
The Great Train Robbery
Eaters Of The Dead (also known as The 13th Warrior)
Jurassic Park
Rising Sun
The Lost World
Air Frame
State OF Fear
Lastly is book that is not yet tittled but is to be released in 2009. It is his last finished work before he died. The topic has no been revealed to public yet. It's being pretty much kept under wraps. So sorry for no info yet.

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