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Ghost of Dalmos - Do not use all caps in post titles!

On a night, the wind blew with vengeance and my heart sank, the ugly movement that wrapped itself around the warm hands of the darkness wrote frustration on the face of the earth. I saw the darkness standing taller than the pair of legs that carried me. As I stared at the mysterious figure whose head is like the avocado pea, it dawned on me that confronting him is like walking on the wheels of fire. Drowned in the sea of confusion, I did not need a prophet to tell his blows could sink the Titanic! 
Moreover, causing any disturbance would mean I have presented myself a meal out of which he would sniff life. So, I left a yawn in the air and took cover like a militia in the wood. 
Hiding behind the fence, saved my neck from a devilish zap because when the monster raised his ugly head and looked about, he thought no eye was watching. Then he lowered his head like a crook in the wilderness of doom and continued to munch noisily. The figure that is as dark as the midnight has a little nose, a strong square jaw and thin lips were hidden under a heavy line of the mustache. Dressed in a coat that has seen its better days, he was like a medieval statue in a desolate city.
As I stared at the hellish creature from the little opening on the wall, the monster rose to feet and let go a yawn that took some time to mix with the air. My jaws dropped when I saw how much height the devil has to his advantage. As the enemy carried himself to a distance, he paused and turned his fiery eyes to my direction as if he suspected a meal was lurking. There was much to the balls in the sockets of his skull, for they were daring and my hearts of heart died within me. Before I could blink, the enemy pounced and his treachery shattered the walls. 
Before the tormentor could emit destructive powers that could have left a trail of waste, I found my feet and made the best use of them to the old cottage on the farm. Frustration almost embraced me as I race across the cornfield. He could have sniffed life out of me, but the fireballs he threw could not humble my languishing soul. They fell about and ravaged the farm.
Running like a bat out of hell was the best because I was on the highway to hell. My legs were almost touching the back of my head and I could not count the number of times I stumbled and fell as the monster chased. The building welcomed me to her mysterious world, to be tortured by the cruel hands of an unjust fate. Breathing like a terrified lizard, I had nothing better to do than secured the door, which I doubt would serve her purpose few years to come.  
After battling to stabilize my breath, I looked about the room whose beauty was a deafening silence. There were images on the walls, furniture begging for renovation, rickety tables drowned in the sea of dust and cobwebs spread over them like the blanket on the bed of roses! Out of the belly of the cold night came a miserable rat, not comfortable with my presence, it squeaked and disappeared into a hole.  
There were six or more wooden doors before my large innocent eyes; on them were inscriptions I could hardly decipher. As I tasted confusion as my meal for that day, I was lost and the cruel monster was lurking like a rushing wind. Dismayed in the doom as mischief threatened my place in the scheme of things, I decided to hide behind one of the doors. But I did not know what would be my fate there. I was two or more steps away from the nearest door when one of the doors at the extreme opened as if it was an invitation from a friendly creature to wipe away my tears. Then I paused and offered the opened door a harmless look. In the midst of the confusion, a thought flew into my head that I might be secured in there. In addition, hiding in such a place that was a distance away from the monster would mean freedom from a predator whose filthy blows have begun to torment the rickety wooden door.  Before he could find his way into the abode, I rode few steps to the extreme, disappeared into the room and shut the door behind me. As soon as I secured the door, rivers of joy strolled into my heart, and I felt as if I had reached my promise land! Happy that freedom had embraced me; I stood like a majestic mountain and heaved a sigh of relief.
One thing I did not fail to do immediately I set foot in the world, was carefully looking to every direction in the room. But my countenance fell, and I was disappointed when I saw that the room was not better than the highway to hell. The place was creepy and dreadful like the hole of an enemy whose belch could kill a dove. Drowned in the sea of fear, my wondering gaze fell on a clay pot at the extreme, oozing out smoke. As the smoke went up to high heaven, it formed into a human that was as slim as a beanpole. The ugly creature floating on the air flashed a menacing smile at me and disappeared through a little opening in the window. As soon as the truckload of misfortune was gone, and Lady Tranquility returned to her esteemed seat in the house, I received a blow to my head. I yelled as if I had mistakenly crushed my thumb with an anvil. The anticipation of death stood before me like a giant troll. As I fell to my knees, languishing with my hands on my head, someone coughs a bit and cleared his throat. My heart jumped into my mouth as I threw myself at my feet as if I have never fallen. Immediately I looked around the room, my large innocent eyes saw a wicked face on the wall. The man's face was cold as if he has never clothed himself with the tender affections of compassion. 
"What are you doing here?" the fiendish creature questioned and wore a frown as if he has never set foot in the corridors of wealth. 
Before I could respond, the creature came out of the wall and buried a slap into my face. I lost my balance and fell as a leaf tossed about by the wind blown rain. As soon as I regained my footing, I began to retreat to the door. The atmosphere was not friendly. But just as it was eager to take life, I had the luxury of looking straight into the devil's eyes. The balls in the socket of his skull were full of fire, and they could set a hundred legs on the run. Apart from his long tail that had enchanted spikes that were six inches long or more, he was horribly dressed and four arms stood out of his scaly body. Dressed in a dark garment and his head like an egg, his shoulders were almost reaching the head that sat on his neck. Shivering as tears gathered in my eyes, I fell to my knees and pleaded. "Please, don't kill me. Someone was after me!"
"That is none of my business. Is that why you should disturb me?" He sounded like a thunder, stood over me, and crossed his arms over his body. "Who is the fellow?"
"I don't know him," I stammered.
He took a deep breath and threw a wicked glance at the door. Then he turned to me. "Whatever the case may be, my home is not a hide out for sycophants." As he raised his hand to strike me, the creature on my trail burst in and distracted the creature. The giant was sweating profusely as if he had spent hours in the gym. Red with rage, the creature with the tail of enchanted spikes waved one of his hands at me. Before I could blink, a wicked force carried me to one end of the room where I fell in a heap of bones. Then he swallowed hard and rode two or more steps closer to the interloper who had been on my trail. "Sam, how many times have I warned you never to break into my home?" he fumed.
Sam the giant chuckled. "Sodus, almost a million times. But you know I always have a reason to come here."
"Yes, even fools do. Let this be the last time you will disturb my peace." 
"Alright!" He pointed at me, "I chased that meal in here and I can't wait to have him," said Sam. He smiled.
Sodus clenched his fist. "Sam, I know that fortune smiles on the brave. But it will be difficult to have your way today. Leave this meal for me as a compensation for invading my privacy."
Sam wore a frown. "NO! An opportunity like this does not present itself all of the time. They come like the dutiful season that wrapped itself around the quiet hands of the earth."
"You are right. I know how painful it is to lose a good thing. It is a man that lost a vital part of his. But the way things are, you have to accept my request and leave my house."
Sam ground hard and looked at me coldly. He coughed a bit and returned his gaze to Sodus. "Any man in want should not frown at the troubles therewith, because out of such will he be measured."
"So be it!" Sodus charged him; his bulk like a battering ram. He pounced and unleashed a blow that swept Sam off his feet. Before the big man could regain his footing, Sodus grabbed hold of him by the neck and suspended Sam in the mid-air. As the big man battled to free himself from the devilish grip, Sodus smashed him against the walls. So part of the building collapsed and Sam was lost in the rubbles.
As Sam battled with the cruel hands of fate in the rubbles, Sodus roared, beating his chest vehemently. Then he pounced to fetch Sam and possibly sniff the life out of him. He had barely removed a stone or more from the rubbles when a devastating blow from the rubbles fell on his jaw and sent him the other way. Falling like a pack of cards, he quickly threw himself on his feet as if he had fallen with style. Standing before him was Sam who was red with rage. Before Sam could snatch a breath from the wings of the cruel night, Sodus turned to the clay pot on the extreme and made some incantation. In a moment or so, vile creatures, about nine inches tall or more began to pour out of the pot like a boisterous wind on the highway to hell. Chanting warfare songs and brandishing their weapons--swords, spears and short-handled battle-axes, the little devils attacked Sam. 
As they punished the giant with their weapons, the big man smashed a number of the creatures with his feet. Running out of patience, he drew a wood from the part of the house that collapsed and began to use it against the little devils. As soon as the little men fall stone dead, they would form into smoke and disappear into the pot. Sodus, not satisfied with the turn out events, pounced and transformed into four large mysterious birds. As I watched, shivering in the corner that the devastating blow left me, Sam could not stomach the onslaught of the birds. They tormented his flesh and the giant groaned like a man humbled by the manipulations of his fishwife. Sensing he could be stopped from swallowing, and that would make him a slave to Sodus forever, the giant began to retreat and soon he was in full flight. His pair of legs that wrote frustration on the old earth was almost touching the back of his head. As he sped off, his legs betrayed him. Because he stumbled on a table and was received by the warm and waiting hands of the old earth. Sam picked up himself immediately and faced the exit with the speed of lightning, as voices of triumph that almost brought down the apartment chased. 
As soon as they disappeared into the darkness, I crawled into the next room and slammed the door behind me. Not knowing what my fate would be in a creepy place that I could hardly see beyond my little nose, I threw myself on my feet and looked at the world as if a black goat was missing and finding it would fetch me an Olympic medal. Immediately I threw two or more steps forward, the house and all her miseries disappeared, and I found myself in the middle of a graveyard. The sky was gloomy and the stars had rested on the bosom of sudden death. The graveyard was bitterly cold and her beauty was a trail of waste. I saw the darkness. It was a monument
Before I could snatch a breath from the cruel hands of the night, a fiendish owl on a gravestone called my name with a kindly brogue and disappeared into an almond tree. I was yet to come to terms with the realities around me when a mysterious hand emerged from the ground and grabbed hold of one of my legs. Initially, I thought it was a crawling grass and tried to shake it off. But my effort hit a brick wall. The dreadful creature seemed to be happy I was lost. Because his treachery made me yelled like a blacksmith that crushed his thumb against the anvil. As I battled to free my poor soul from the cruel hands from hell, I lost my balance and found myself struggling to stay alive. The enemy began to pull me into the ground. While he dragged me to my early grave, my hands found a wood. I did not spare him a breath. I laid the club five times or more on the cruel hand. As soon as I was off his miserable grip, I jumped to my feet and raced as if my survival depended upon how I could maneuver my young legs. 
Journeying to the unknown is as evil as a sorcerers spell. As misfortune stared at me, I realized it would be suicidal to stop running, for I did not know the machination that was against my poor soul. An opened gate was ahead. I was few poles away from the gate when it shut and a grievous whirlwind emerged from the ground and began to torment the yard. The boisterous wind blew as if it was doomsday. I would have walked into silence and be happy with the comfort in demise if not for one of the trees that I held. So it prevented the wind from tearing my world apart. The whirlwind left a trail of waste, trees were uprooted and gravestones were turned. But, of course, it was to be expected.
Now the air was still, and Lady Tranquility paraded itself in the creepy place. Not long after, the ground began to crack as if an earthquake was underway or doomsday was lurking. I was yet to figure out what was going on when the ground began to vomit horrible looking creatures. Zombies formed out of the ground, carrying weapons--swords, long spears and short-handled battle-axes with heads that were larger than life. As I gazed, not knowing what to expect, the creatures stood like an army of enlightened pastors in a sanctuary praying fervently as if they were next to God! Then they began to approach me and I did not need a prophet to tell me that all they wanted was me.
As I looked to every direction, pondering how to be freed from these monsters, they brandished their weapons and made a strange noise as if they wanted to emit destructive powers. Realized my peril, my knees knocked ferociously together. As they approached me gradually, I began to back a step. Dazed by bewilderment, I stumbled on a tree and was trapped by monstrous hands that emerged from the tree. I tried to fight myself out of the devilish grip but did not prevail. The tree opened its mouth as a drudge makes a short work of a slap up meal on a cold night, and swallowed me!
...Omoruyi Uwuigiaren.

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