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"if you think you can, then you can" Henry Ford

our capacity to understand tomorrow lies not in the past failures but in the future prospects. i dive therefore not in the dice of impossibilities but in the progressive bright future that lies ahead. am more optimistic about that future, more than I've ever been in my life. Let that hope and determination that you've built in you go into waste. Always remember that "if you think you can or cannot whatever you choose you are right" ford. We are therefore the product of our own thinking, our own action dictates the trajectory of our live. Choose therefore right choices that will drive you to that bright future. You deserve the best in life and you can get it just believe in yourself, be sensitive to your conscious and let nothing belittle you. You are a winner in every aspect of your life. Don't focus on your present neither should let it pull you down. There is a lof of energy in you, just realize and walk to your victory.

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Comment by Lisa Lahey on March 1, 2010 at 12:37am
I tend to agree with Ford's comment however in my soon to be published novel (I don't want to use your blog to shamelessly promote myself so I won't mention its name or the publishing company - in fact I wasn't sure I'd get published by an american company just because of my writing about Ford) I have to admit I do a lot of Ford bashing based on his shameless exploitation of Jewish slave labour during WWII in Europe. He has a lot of nerve to comment if you think you can then you can! Can what? Exploit minorities? His wrongdoings were far worse than sweatshop labour today. The U.S. government knew about it but didn't try to prevent him from profiteering in this manner because Ford also worked for the Allieds. Sorry to bash on your mentor there but I just wanted to offer a different perspective - especially since I find his comment so ironic.

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