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If You Want to Sell More Books, you HAVE to SPEAK! If you want to BREAK IN to Professional Speaking, you HAVE to READ this Post!!!

just got home from Phoenix, Arizona.

In truth, I didn't really want to go.
But am I SO glad I did!

It was a leadership/mastery training meeting for iLearningGlobal.
I can't tell you how FANTASTIC it was!

First thing, my business partner, Steve Siebold introduces me to Larry Wilson -- world renowned entrepreneur, speaker and facilitator with amazing corporate clients. He is really a darling man! We had fun talking about my book and the conference and he gave me a copy of his book (I told him I wouldn't accept it unless he signed it -- which he gladly did!)

During the conference, I was amazed by the caliber of people in attendance. Business people. Successful people. Why not? This is the company that is destined to DOMINATE the personal development and internet learning field! -- As a therapist, I'm glad I found this now, because this is going to drastically reduce people's need for a therapist.
Imagine, you have a problem or obstacle and you just go the the website, find a topic that relates to your problem, watch a video, take action steps and the unemployment lines are filled with mental health professionals!

Speakers included: Helice Bridges, Paul Martinelli, Don Hutson, Steve Siebold, Kevin Carroll, Tony Alessandra, Brian Tracy and Dolf de Roos! Every one of them successful business people. EVERY one of the provided us real, useful information to take home and implement in our businesses! I've been to many conferences where the speakers talk then create a rush to the back of the room - getting people to pull out their wallets for what turns out (often times) to be a pack of empty promises and preying on unmet needs, dreams, goals and desires. NOT HERE!!! These faculty members are CLEARLY dedicated to our success! What a first-class operation!

Honestly, I went back to my hotel every night with my head buzzing with ideas to put into practice in my business right away. And I woke up every morning at about 4 am with Entrepreneurial Insomnia because the ideas just kept coming!!

iLearningGlobal is focused on helpinging me and every other business owner MAKE MORE MONEY!!! And that commitment showed throughout the whole conference! The beautiful thing is that it will help anyone in any business succeed!!!

Think about this one . . . . This morning, Steve Siebold arranged for a private meeting for me and a few others with John McLelland and Brian Tracy. We discussed strategy, success principles, the company vision and our part in the success of the company as well as our own success. In fact, Brian Tracy talked with us about new ideas he just had this morning to help us keep moving forward.

I'm sitting here thinking about it and am blown away! Brian Tracy and Steve Siebold and John McLelland are my Business Partners!

You know how the saying goes . . . . if you want to be successful, surround yourself with successful people.
I just spent my weekend with successful, caring, accessible people who are interested in my success! Can't get any better than that!!!

If you want to learn more about this team of individuals that is committed to bringing continuous lifelong learning to everyone who is interested in personal development and who has a computer for LESS THAN $1000 per year -- contact me!

Take a look at the site www. iLearningGlobal. tv

Then, give me a call -- (951)990-8927

This will change your life.

My life is forever changed. I'm grateful.

If you read this blog post to the very end, you are the kind of person I want to share this very privileged information with! I was hand-selected as part of 40 top speakers who will have a back-door insider opportunity to launch my career by becoming one of the FACULTY on iLearningGlobal! Brian Tracy told me personally what they are looking for in faculty. Larry Wilson took me into his personal inner circle. I am on-track to have my materials ready (thanks to the mentoring of Steve Siebold) to put my Keynote in front of the committee by March 2009. Imagine how my speaking career is going to EXPLODE when my content and my style are in front of a GLOBAL audience!!!

I am looking for 5 people who are VERY SERIOUS about their success. I have asked the top speakers and my partners about the path to Professional Speaking Success and I am ready to help a few people do the same thing. I'm ready to introduce you to the right people who are positioned to help you succeed in this business. If you are really serious about what you dream about, CALL ME!!!

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