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Someone said that time heals all wounds. I simply disagree. It isn’t time that heals-- it’s SURRENDER. It is one’s ability to finally surrender that THINGS ARE AS THEY ARE MEANT TO BE and that isn’t only ok…it’s good and perfect. That can take 5 minutes or it can take 100 years depending on the extent of the ego attachment to how things ‘should’ have (but didn’t) turn out!
The power of surrendering into trust is the single most important step to take (or not take since it’ means not stepping anywhere but kneeling (literally and/or metaphorically) in the process of being a higher creator. Authentic SURRENDER has a high level of trust in a higher power to not only KNOW that things will work out okay; they will be even better. That we don’t have to know the outcome beforehand. This is the level of trust….or what some call faith….that literally opens the windows of heaven, delivering to us a new divinely peaceful perception which eliminates all pain and fear.
Surrender is not natural to the willful and proud ego- who will do anything to be RIGHT…rather than happy or joyful. It is like the spoiled child who throws a temper tantrum when it doesn’t get its way. The ego believes it has to make and force things happen. That it will be by its own machinations and actions alone that its desires will be manifest. There is no greater lie than this. The very energy behind making and forcing things to happen is fear that it won’t happen without our pushy manipulation. And even if a person does force the universe to bend to give it the wealth, the lover, etc. it wanted and manipulated into its life…they now live in even greater fear of losing it! (Which it most certainly will!) This is the true meaning of hell. FEAR=HELL.
I struggle with this now ….more than most, since my own ego is bigger than most! When because a deep desire I had didn’t happen the way I wanted it to, I was crushed. Devastated. This happens only when my attachment and desire was greater than my surrender and trust! (Subconscious fear was greater than conscious desire!) There are moments when it still is. Oh, I experience it part of the time. I do TRUST God much more than I trust myself because I could have manipulated time such that the outcome was in my favor, but I simply refused. Trusting and surrendering….again and again, I’m taken to a better place than ever before. Better than I could ever have imagined or produced with my own ‘intelligence.’
Surrender is an EMOTIONAL condition of the heart. (Emotional= the ENERGY MOTIVE that aligns with the highest level of divine perception bringing about a MIGHTY CHANGE OF HEART AND MIND.) It is the power to access the ‘perception of God’ which brings about a vertical shift in consciousness along with greater peace and power than ever known before. How much time it takes is relative to how much stubborn, attached resistance is in my own mind and heart. AND, because resistance is a fear energy, time itself DRAGS SLOWER THAN EVER in resistance! As long as I want it MY way then the pain will not only continue but drag on indefinitely. Only when I’m ready to see the perfection of all that is, will I will be taken to a new level of love and fulfillment.
And I’m at peace knowing that what God ALWAYS brings me (always has... always will) when I trust and surrender is ‘WHAT I WANT… (transformed and returned)….OR SOMETHING BETTER. And in that, I will never fear losing it… because it wasn’t by my coercive, pushy, manipulative efforts that it arrived! Aaaahhhhh…...there’s that unmistakable peace again!

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