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Leading Men and Women: Who would you chose?

Stop by Some Write It Hot and let me know who you would want to play the parts of your hero or heroine if your book is made into a movie!

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Comment by Sude Khanian on July 14, 2011 at 3:23pm

I actually write some of my stories with the intention of turning them into movies and publish them just so that I protect my ideas from being taken (kind of like a cheap way of copyrighting for lifetime).

So, I can very much relate to this question. I actually let the story decide. But if my story is more of a romance story, then Julia Roberts. For devoted husband, Richard G. For a warrior woman, Angelina Jolie...really depends on the characteristics of the protagonist, and the image I have of him/her.  I may even go for unknown actors (I actually prefer to have an unknown actor playing the protagonist and have a star play the supporting role, because it is cheaper and also because my movie will then be always associated with the new star)

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