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I wake up, at no particular set time, and make my way to the bathroom for the morning (or maybe early afternoon) duties.
I look in the mirror, steamed over from a skin-reddening hot shower. Like any of us, I sometimes ask, "Do I like what I see?"
"Sure." The answer is usually, "Sure, I'm fine with that." Most of the time, the thoughts do not travel much beyond that point.
Today, they did. Today, the wet smear of my handprint revealed a face I did not recognize in that dubious mirror. I followed the lure of my dark pupils like Alice down her rabbit hole.
Inside, I meet zombies, vampires, walking through dark spaces, stepping in who knows what, but it is sticky and smells horrible. I see my friend Ron (he's kind of annoying, but takes it in stride).
Today, I really like what I see. I have been working on redesigning my image. Little things here and there.

I changed up my blog.
I have a new author page: The old Facebook pages will be going away soon.
I have some excellent new covers:
I am working on a new story, but more on that later. I am taking my time these days. I have mentioned several times lately that I am working to finish Severed. Then we will have another visit with Ron Ungary. After that, something new. Something interesting.
What about you? Do you like what you see?

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