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Martian Legacy - The Red Planet Has Never Felt So Close

By Lauren S. Smith

Martian Legacy: The First Manned Space Flight to Mars, Their Discoveries and the Danger They Brought Home, is a new science fiction thriller written by author, Fred Lane. Critics have called Lane's book "an ingenious romp into the near future" - and he truly weaves a tale that brings the reality of Mars exploration into a believable reality.

The third decade of the twenty-first century dawns with a landing on Mars where Air Force Pilot, Lieutenant Colonel Harold T. Kane has toppled over in a Martian crater while maneuvering one of the land rovers and now finds himself upside down and frustrated. But, the rover is eventually turned right-side up and Harry continues the mission with a fellow crew member, Dr. Karen Hansen. The mission involves collecting Mars samples and returning safely to Earth.

The crew will be heroes when they return to Earth and the samples are cleaned and identified. Unbeknownst to them, this sample load contains dangers to the population of earth - and, as the story unfolds, a contemporary doomsday scene evolves. Everything we've always feared about germs and other deadly micro-organisms from space is coming true.

It's our worst nightmare, becoming reality in a way that will take Earth back to the Dark Ages and end civilization as we know it. The Martian Legacy brings into reality the possible future risks of nanotechnology - and, as a life-ending epidemic scourges the world, there comes about a change in attitude about technology and the hazards and problems it presents.

You'll want to continue reading Martian Legacy to find out what happened to the second crew left behind on Mars and continuing the search for amazing discoveries like ancient civilizations and extinct creatures of a sort we've never dreamed of on Earth except in science fiction books and movies.

Lane is expert at explaining scientific findings in a way that the layman can understand. Another area of expertise for this author is the ability to tell an appealing human story that will grip the reader and draw him in to the story until the hair-raising end.

Martian Legacy tells a fictional story about the first manned trip to Mars and the consequences it brings back to Earth. With all the science fiction stories out there, it's difficult to come up with a scenario that will keep readers turning pages and in awe of what they're reading. Lane has accomplished that and more with his new book. It's an inventive and innovative story that's never before been told - and readers will definitely be looking for a sequel in the near future.

Martian Legacy: The First Manned Space Flight to Mars, Their Discoveries and the Danger They Brought Home, by Fred Lane, is the stuff that blockbuster movies are made. Readers will keep thinking about the book long after they've finished it - and looking for a sequel to find out what happened to those mysterious civilizations on Mars.

Lauren Smith is editor for the Virtual Book Review Network - reviews books by well known bestselling authors and books by soon to be recognized names. For more information, visit: This review covers Martian Legacy by Fred Lane.

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