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I have mentioned this before but here goes again. On my website I review movies, new ones and old, for those who dont get a chance to see whats out there. Here is my latest.

I know these movies are ridiculous in every way. Video games redesigned for movies aren't what you might call the best options for original material but sometimes it works. The first Resident evil was weird and a little funny, but after the second came out then the third one it was more about having fun then telling a serious story. Maybe thats the lesson from these movies we need to take away. Dont always look for the oscar movie sometimes try a different one and have fun with it rather then look for the next pacino.

Now on to this movie. First off finally after all the crap with every movie going 3d because studios discovered people will still pay 15dollars for a ticket does a movie come out meant for 3d. Avatar may have been made specifically for 3d(lacking in story, and everything else) but it was made for it. This new entry into the resident evil franchise allows you to see the cool fight scenes and the zombie dogs in new ways. Plus the bathroom scene with the giant axe dude was awesome.

The story is 18months after the previous movie alice comes to find the val kilmer wanna be albert wesker for venegance. Her clones do most of the destruction but are lost as Wesker gets away. Alice herself tries to finish it but wesker injects her removing her powers making her what she always wanted to be...human. The story then goes into what happened to claire and the others.(side note ali larter looks awesome as a brunette so much hotter then she does as a blond). Claire having lost her memory leads alice to leave and find survivors in LA, along with chris redfield claire bro(wentworth miller in a prison shout out to his prison break days) they discover salvation but like everything else leads them to a trap. Alice discovers more about wesker and the redfields join her in a big flashy battle.

In the end the movie is fun and like I said it doesnt take itself serious. Its supposed to be just fun. A cameo at the end of another hot chick(sienna guillory...aka jill valentine who was also hotter as a brunnte) makes a 5th film likely.

For more like this check out

Its might be worth waiting for this in dvd but then again if your willing go see it.

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