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Everything I've been searching for has been in me since conception. We have been wonderfully and fearfully created. We are the image of the Most High God. We are on a assigned journey in life designed in the mind of God. Laid out before us is a maze of adventure, the choices of right and wrong and within us God's Spirit dwells speaking to our hearts the path to follow. We have a fierce adversary who has hated us from the beginning of time. His design is to steal, kill and destroy. He will stop at nothing to have you join him in eternal suffering. Our God has inspired man to write Truth, an answer to all of life's issues, but it's not an easy God wants a sacrifice, time spent studying that Truth. This is where freedom, peace, joy and deliverance reside, in His Holy Word. The Devil has all the tools at his beckoning to help him lure you away from the Truth. Music, sex, drugs, alcohol, failed relationships and financial problems. It's Oh So Easy to miss God's voice, because our lives are engulfed with the smoke screen of deception daily. To be cool you've got to belong. God said we're in the world, but not of the world. Do you so badly want to be a friend of the world that you will jepardize losing your eternal destiny? Everyone of every Faith has salvation offered freely....JESUS! That's the beginning and the end of it....JESUS! His name is trashed everyday in film and music, but he never stops loving you and seeking to bring you home. This world's 'brilliance' is quickly fading, Truth, The Word, That Jesus is about to return and claim his Church. Where will you be on that tremendous day? Being wrapped up in the world or having your eyes looking Heavenly for your Savior's return? Young and old alike, the clock in God's mind is about to signal His Son's return. We need to recognize the world events happening today are the birth pangs Jesus spoke of. Eternity awaits you....Truth speaks to your heart, he's calling his own to himself, don't ignore his quiet voice speaking to your heart.

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Comment by Randolph Nicholas Alvis on June 26, 2010 at 2:51pm
Praise Jesus he's still in control. Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the gulf oil spill, unemployment, tornadoes in the midwest and wildfires. A president who's trying hard, but to interview Mr. and Mrs America on the street they would say he's sleep at the wheel. Well there's good news....the one who's running the show and calling all the shots never sleeps. Regardless of how bad things seem God has it ALL under control. Wake up America, God and God alone can fix this mess.

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