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Our Life Leaves Clues That Lead To Our Life Purpose

Excerpt from Discover What You Are Here To Do: Find The Clues, Follow Your Path by best selling author Nicola Grace.

"When I’m on the road speaking, I often joke about the story of my life as if I’ve stuffed up, done everything wrong and made wrong decisions that lead me up the garden path of nowhere. Part of my introductory speech often goes something like this – “I wanted to be a dancer so I studied history. I wanted to live in a tropical country so I moved to Wisconsin. I wanted to marry an American so I married a Canadian. I wanted to be married forever but I got divorced three years after getting married.” We laugh together.

Depending on what perspective I take, that story could be tragic or liberating. It could tell the story of me not ever really committing to what I truly want on the one hand. But on the other hand it could tell the story of perfection beyond my current understanding. A perfection that can only be realised on hindsight or with deep reflection on the true meaning behind all the outcomes of the decisions I have made.

Had I not learned history I wouldn’t have been able to make history as I did when I stepped up to save a billion dollar change agent industry from ruin. If I hadn’t moved to Wisconsin I never would have become the transformation facilitator I am today.  If I never married my husband, the proud Canadian, I never would have experienced profound love.

We are constantly making choices. Each of those choices will often lead to a different outcome, sometimes the same outcome. Regardless of what choices we make we get regular feedback from life as to whether or not we are living on purpose and fulfilling our  higher reason for being. I have found that no matter what choices we make, or where we end up in life we have never been abandoned by our Soul, that thing that animates us and allows Spirit to breathe life into us – the deepest part of our Self. That Soul sits there in every outcome, perceived good or bad, and it communicates to us providing us with clues throughout our life. In fact those outcomes might even be a clue from our Soul that we are on or off track.

That being said, the story of our life is a story of a series of clues. We all have a story. We all have clues we can follow. It’s our job to find those clues, learn to decipher them and then follow them. When we do that we will experience the best outcomes that are possible in our life.

When we don’t follow them we’ll get feedback in the form of depression, despondency, irritation, frustration, personal dramas and sometimes even personal disasters. These types of feedback are clues we’re off track or there’s something for us to learn."

Discover What You Are here To do teaches you how to read those clues to find the very reason you were born - your life purpose.

To help you with that process I have a free manual with discovery sheets and a mentoring session to accompany this book.

You can go grab that gift at Discover What You Are Here To Do and follow along with the processes when you purchase the book.

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