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Poem from A New Orchid Myth by Helene Pilibosian


She insisted on the value                            

of his bringing the lamp

made of the bright lights

emanating from burning the oil

fit for the literary campaign.

The lascivious and the lame

had sputtered their claim to luck,

surrendered it in fact

to a fiction of empathy

grounded on a story of pluck.


He brought the lamp

and lit her subsequence

with the banter and ability

of imagination around the clock.

A block of living

opened its lashes to sight,

tasked impending dusk,

had a supper of fried sci-fi

with a side of hegemony rice

that inspired their flight.


The Entertainment Principle stayed

as a renter and a roomer there,

then as an owner without doubt.

It trimmed the surrounding thicket

of verbs with a shaft of expressions.

The paginated affections

turned to writing popular novels

to keep the lamp of literature lit

along the reality-fantasy dimension

for writer, reader and sanguine skeptic.


So here you are, Dear Reader

of the before and the after.

From A New Orchid Myth, published by CreateSpace, 2014. Also on Kindle. Contact author at

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