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I'm going to refer to my previous blog post in which I provide some evidence to back up my theory that people are getting sillier by the day.  If you didn't read it, it's about a Queensland pre-school that wants to change the lyrics to 'Baa Baa Black Sheep' to 'Rainbow Sheep'.  Baa Humbug.  It got me thinking about a song that's just been released in Australia called 'Just the way you are (Drunk at the Bar)' by an Irish singer called Brian McFadden.  He was in some boy band, and I don't know if he's big in the States.  He's reasonably well known here because he's engaged to an Aussie chanteuse.  Anyway, some people are up in arms saying this song promotes date rape.  Not sure about date rape, but it will promote people to grab the nearest object with an edge, no matter how blunt, and attempt to slice off their ears.  Most people know date rape is wrong, and are not so idiotic they are going to atempt it on the basis of some banal pop song.  You know, I have lost track of the number of times I have seen 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'.  I don't strut about in my underwear singing.  For this, my neighbours should be thankful.


Perhaps if we are really going to go overboard about this whole promotion of date rape thing, why don't we ban that Gallic would be Don Juan, Pepe Le Pew?  Let's face it, this virulent rodent is forcing his unwanted attentions on some poor painted cat who is clearly not interested.  Nobody told the black and white stinkpot that 'No means No!'.  Time after time I would watch this as a child, and wish the poor cat could just land a hard kick right in the skunk's goolies.  But should I call for this to be banned?  Does the Pep-ster send a dangerous message?  I'll let you, my reader, work it out.


I am so hoping to get back into work on my 3rd novel this Friday.  Tomorrow I am doing some paid work, which regretfully, does not involve writing.

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