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Pulpit Rock Training is now lifting the game for those with vision.

How to master your social media presence to build a great ministry reputation. 

Launched 1 March 2018

Pastors and leaders, singers and musicians,  sound engineers and dancers, promoters and prophets, welfare workers and interpreters,  this training is straight forward and simple, takes just 10 minutes a day and could transform your ministry reputation as a leader in your field. 

This free training is for those with an interest in the gospel going forth, leadership being prepared and unity being developed among those with an interest in an African context.

Did I mention its free? However there is catch, it is only available for members of Africa Network BFTF which is also is a free membership but you must be in a ministry or leadership position and show your interest in Africa. 
Awards are issued on demonstration of satisfactory skill development, Certified User, Certified Fellow and Certified Expert. 
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