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Santa's Rescue Dog: Super Speed Sam, Book 5

A magical Christmas story which children will love!

With Christmas coming I was excited to find this delightfully enchanting seasonal story in the Super Speed Sam series of children’s books to read to my granddaughter. Being animal lovers we were immediately drawn to the lovable character of Sam the Basset Hound, and as soon as we turned the first page we knew that we were in for a treat.

In this colourfully illustrated story we are taken back in time to the Brockman families Christmas Eve a  long time ago, back through generations of Basset Hounds to the very first Super Speed Sam (and yes he was called Sam too,) and we discover why that Sam gained his super powers.

In the North Pole, after a busy year, Mother Christmas, Santa, the elves and the reindeer are ready for another Christmas Eve journey visiting all the good boys and girls.

Did you ever wonder why this magical event takes place? Well, in this enchanting book not only will you will find out, but you will also discover just what big responsibilities everybody has, both at Santa’s home base, and on the sleigh, to make sure everything runs smoothly on that special night.

That particular year, after an exciting Christmas Eve, everyone in the family including the Brockman children, Zachariah and Sophie, and their dog Sam, are safely asleep in their beds. The ground is covered in snow, when Santa’s sleigh arrives on their rooftop…

Everything until that time is going well, and Santa is on schedule. However as he goes down the Brockman chimney, something unexpected happens, which causes great dismay to Santa, a lot of worry for Mother Christmas, and danger for the reindeer. But what is it?

Well, all I can say is that the real hero of the story, is Super Speed Sam, and that night he is given a very special gift which will be passed down through all the future generations in his special Basset Hound line.

In our household this book is definitely set to be a Christmas classic for the grandchildren, to sit on the bookshelf alongside their parents, and my immortal favourite poem ‘T’was the Night Before Christmas’ by Clement Clarke Moore, where for years children, and the author I suspect, originally discovered the names of all Santa’s magical reindeers.

After enjoying this captivating story, my granddaughter and I are looking forward to exploring the rest of this delightful series of children’s books.


About the Author:

Proud winner of the 5th Annual Beverly Hills Book Awards in the “Holiday” category for Super Speed Sam – Santa’s Rescue Dog.

I feel that some of the natural interactions between family and friends are gradually eroding, if not already completely worn away for some. And I was reminded of a C.S.Lewis quotation –

“A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children’s story in the slightest.”

It also feels like the simple joy of laughing or crying among family and friends is being replaced by beeps, bops and demands to ‘add new features’ or ‘why doesn’t this work?’ or ‘who’s hogging the Wi-Fi?’.

So I set out to create a fun and exciting series of children’s short stories, with lots of adventure and splashes of humor, all paced to hold children’s attention whether reading or listening… at least that’s my hope!

Stories that will delight both boys and girls, the young and old, and, of course, moms and dads! Tales that allow a return to simpler values, kid-like imagination for both children and adults and, I sincerely hope, bring families closer together.


About the Book:

Winner of 5th Annual Beverly Hills Book Awards in the “Holiday” category. 

The McClaines faithful basset hound, Sam, knows how to use his super speed powers, even in a pinch, keeping it top secret from everyone except for baby Molly, of course. What he does NOT know is how these powers started… that’s a big secret to him!

Sam knows it’s a ‘family thing’, having been passed down through generations of ‘Sam’s’ from long ago, he doesn’t know why, where, how or what got these amazing abilities started. Well, hold onto your seats because in this extra special Super Sam episode, you’re about to find out!

Whether following Santa and his reindeer on their highly eventful Christmas Eve journey, discovering a special ‘sleigh recovery’ team of elves or meeting Sam’s great, great, great (add a whole bunch of ‘greats’), you won’t be able to put this holiday special down!

Read the exciting, humorous and sometimes tearful special Christmas episode, Santa’s Rescue Dog to find out! Sam might not know where his secret abilities come from, but now you get the chance to uncover the truth of the mystery in this fun, sweet, adventurous ‘Sam’ story!

Available from Amazon in Paperback

Kindle format

and as an Audiobook

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