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The Arising Voice says : Arise and Stand for Jesus Again !


Christianity- what does it mean to you? What are your thoughts of whether Christianity should be molded to relate to this modern world, or should the modern world learn to relate to original Christianity? Does the Christian faith need to adjust its thinking on some of our modern issues? Or, are these issues the same as years past and the only difference is the people arguing the same issues? If God does not change as per Mal.3:6. It reads- “For I am the LORD, I change not”. Can we go as far to say that if God doesn’t change; then neither would his words? Perhaps the true issue is mankind and their constant attempt to mask the true desires of God? Working to bend God’s word just enough to say their sin is ok.

 Christianity is simple; everyone has heard me say this. Christianity is simply us molding our thoughts, desires and lifestyles after Jesus Christ. If a person does not do the three actions listed, then a Christian I would say, they are not. Rather they would be considered something totally different then what Jesus was and what he would do- correct? Christianity is simply being Christ like. This said, to be a true Christian, we must follow the original wants and desires of Christ, since Christ was characteristically the same as the Father. In John 14; 7 it reads -“If you really knew me, you would know my Father as well”. Why is it then we have folks claiming to be Christians yet are seen doing so many of what could be said as anti Christian acts?

Are you a Christian or are you not? Perhaps this is the real question at hand. Not whether you attend church or bible study, but more so; do your actions resemble Christ? Why are you a Christian, do you know? In 1peter 3; 15 it reads – But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. If someone stopped you on the street and asked you straight out why you were a Christian, could you give a straight answer and account for your actions as true to Christ? If not, then perhaps there is an error in your walk with the Lord?

If we did a poll today I believe a majority would claim Christianity as their faith. But out of this number, how many would you say are true? This is one of the biggest issues in the modern church. The ability for people to claim the title and yet walk as any unchristian would still do. This brings real confusion on those younger in the faith or those still seeking and most definitely in the eyes of those skeptical of the faith already. Probably the biggest infiltration evil has ever done was to simply mix the church with those that are sincere and real with those that care nothing for truth, but only pleasure.

As Christians in the last days we must decide whether we are going to lift up the truth of Christianity or lessen it. Leaders, though it may be impossible to fix all issues, those inside the church walls should be fixable. Speak only truth as Christ would declare, or face judgment in the end. We must improve and increase our discipleship teaching, and work to empower those that will stand the test of time and storms of tribulations. We have many Churches, but our voices have become faint. Arise and stand for Jesus once again.

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