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Do you want to know the secrets of the Bestselling Authors down the street? The documented strategies that worked for the following bestselling authors? Check out this webinar I'll be giving on Saturday afternoon.

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A. One year before their book become a New York Times #1 bestseller, two authors committed to doing one thing to promote their collection of short stories—something that any other author can do. What was that one thing? And who were these authors?

B. Before publishing his book with an independent book publisher, this author took two key steps—two steps that any author can follow. His book became a New York Times bestseller and formed the basis for a series that has sold over 300 million copies. Who was this author? And what were the two key steps he took?

C. A secretary at an insurance agency in a small Midwestern state self-published a book and then did one thing, over and over again, for over a year—something that any book author can do as well. She ended up selling over 30,000 copies of her book in that first year and then went on to become the bestselling book author on the QVC home shopping channel, selling well over a million books.

D. A year after her book was given up as dead by her New York publisher, one author revived her book by doing one thing—something any entrepreneurial author can do as well. Her book ended up as a #1 New York Times bestseller, over a year after the publisher had abandoned the book.

E. One newbie author and her husband did five things to promote their cookbook and sell out its first printing before the official pub date. Any book authors could follow these five steps to launch their books as well. Within the first three months the book went into four printings. By the end of the year, a national book chain listed the book as one of their top five bestselling cookbooks. That same year the book won the James Beard Book Award for best writing on food.

F. A bestselling book author did one thing to revive his book and increase its sales after several years of declining sales. This one thing is something any author can do to revive his or her book at any stage in its life. This author's book once made the annual bestseller list twice, once for the previous year's edition and once for the current year's edition.

G. One book author described how her nonfiction book made the New York Times monthly bestseller list when her only book sales were being made on Amazon with a print-on-demand book. Even better she continued making sales of $100,000 per month via Amazon. On one book! What she did to get these sales is something any book author, with a little persistence, can do as well.

H. This author spent the year before his book was released doing one key thing—something many other authors could easily duplicate. The week his book was launched, it hit the New York Times bestseller list from online sales alone. That same week the author was invited to a major network morning talk show. That appearance only goosed sales. Within a year, his book had sold over a million copies.

I. An ebook novelist hosted one event that took her book sales from several thousand copies per month to over 100,000 monthly book sales. Any author could duplicate her event and probably carry it out better than she did.

J. A book author launched his blog seven years ago using one key technique (again, something any book author can still duplicate with just a little effort). Within months, his blog was ranked as the #1 Small Business Blog with over 80,000 subscribers. What did he do? And how did he use the same process to launch his second book as a bestseller?

You don't want to miss this webinar - all about the secrets of creating bestselling books. At least 10 ways to do that from documented case histories.

The Bestseller Next Door Book Marketing Webinar will be held on Saturday, January 7th, at 3 p.m. Eastern. You can register here for the Bestseller Next Door webinar:

I hope to see you there.

John Kremer

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