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Attention! Attention! Be on the look out for this adorable little boy. This is the little boy who will not let

his mommy write. His twin is being a perfect angel playing quietly with his toys. THIS little boy on the other

hand seems to want to hang out with mom today, and come on could you deny this face? Most people

could not, BUT being his mother everyday is I want to hang out with mom day. He is my shadow(It's so adorably cute!) The boy can not let me out of his site. He was playing quietly so I snuck to go to the bathroom real quick(It was number 1.)LOW AND BEHOLD who comes crawling into the bathroom? You guessed it Mr. curls here.

I am loved what can I say, but baby mommy needs to write!


Editors Note: I wrote this little bit while saying, "No touchy mommy's computer NO!"

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