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The success of The Starlight Zodiac Series has inspired me to take its design and look a step or two further... beyond the stars and into the heavens! The Ladies Divine is an art nouveau collection of multi-cultural Goddesses modernized into fierce fashion divas with an "Azodnem" flair! The collection currently contains: Athena, Bast, Hecate, Isis, Oshun, Quan Yin, Sekhmet and Yemaya. Eventual additions to the series include: Gaea, Pele, La Virgen de Guadalupe, Oya, Tara, Eve, and Lillith.

The entire collection, when completed will be available in book format.

Products featuring The Ladies Divine are available here:

Comments and Feedback are always greatly appreciated.
If you have any Goddess suggestions you'd like to see in the series, by all means... let me know.

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