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The Other Man in Me, Erotic Longings, Lust and Love: The Soul Calling

Do you ever feel like two people, living two separate lives? One, behaving responsibly while the other steals moments in secret of lives only in the fantasies of his mind?

The Other Man in Me is the story of one man's journey to reconcile his two selves--one, that of a respectable husband, father, church and community leader; the other, caught in brief same-sex affairs and encounters.

Drawing from his dreams, fantasies and extensive research, Shalley discovers the symbolic and spiritual meanings of his erotic longings and same-sex attractions. On that journey, he meets another man living in his soul, one that connects him to the purpose and meaning of his life. This book will open you to deep places in your soul and help you discover what is true for you.

Through examples and powerful exercises, you will:

  • Learn how dreams reveals the hidden story and unconscious purposes of erotic longings and sexual attractions as comments on your life.
  • Understand the symbolic and spiritual meanings of same-sex fantasies, attractions and behaviors.
  • Find how to make peace with your masculine and feminine selves.
  • Discover how to live with multiple sexual desires in a manner that is congruent with your soul and the individual meaning of your life.

 " . . .offers us an extraordinary archetypal journey through human sexuality and, ultimately, human life itself. This provocative, challenging and healing narrative illuminates the pain and joy of life coming to know itself."

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