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Titan's Curse: A Good Third Entry To The Percy Jackson Series

Titan’s Curse Smoothie Review

Overall Rating: A good third entry into the Percy Jackson Series.

Titan’s Curse is the third book in the third book in the Percy Jackson and The Olympians series written By Rick Riorden. After reading the first two novels, I know have to read the next three. So here’s my review of the third Percy Jackson and the Olympians book.

To start off with, to explain the set up for this book, I have to explain the ending of The Sea Of Monsters. If you have not read that book yet I suggest you stop reading this and read another review. At the end of Sea Of Monsters, the golden fleece is returned to heal the tree that contains the soul of Thaila and protects the camp. But instead it brings her back to human form. This is in fact the cliff hanger of the first book that reveals that now there is a living daughter of Zues and son of Poseidon who may be the child of the prophecy to start the war between gods.

The story starts with Percy, Anna Beth, Grover and Thaila arriving at a military school to retrieve two new demigods that have been discovered. They are brother and sister named Bianca and Nico Di Angelo. There is a battle with the principle who happens to be a gryphon. They become aided by the immortal female hunters and the goddess of the hunt to defeat the monster. There, Anna Beth falls off of a cliff to disappear into what seems to be thin air. Bianca leaves he r brother to become a immortal hunter to hunt a great beast with the goddess. And Percy , Grover and Nico is left to back to Camp Half-blood.

At camp Half Blood, Percy has strange dreams and believes that Annaba is in trouble. Also word gets out that the goddess of the hunt is held prisoner. The oracle of the camp says that a group needs to go save her. Grover Thaila, Zoë and Bianca become the group. They leave, but Percy follows believing his dreams that Anna Beth is held captive too.

The book is a throwback to the first novel The idea of it is that it’s a cross country road trip with kids killing monsters along the way.. it’s fast paced. It’s fun and the character also are likable. Also in thus one, you feel that Percy Jackson is older. He had grown up a bit in from the first book. You see that he likes Anna Beth and that romance may evolve between the two.

The bad, up until the end it seems a bit aimless. The story was there at the end, but throughout the book has so many loose ends until their together at the end that it kind of awkward in a book like this.
But it’s fun. It’s good third entry into the series. I say Rick should keep writing these. I love them.

3 smoothies out of four.

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