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Dhungwana 2117 by Baibin Nighthawk and Dominick Fencer

Dhungwana 2117 - The Dhungwana Chronicles (2117-3451) Part 1

Do you love science fiction? I know I do :-)

Dhungwana 2117 is the far future story of a planet earth that has already experienced the result of a true greenhouse. Many of you may not realize that our little blue planet has been through several 'greenhouses' and 'icehouses' in its 4.6 billion year lifespan. 

Currently, we are still technically in an 'icehouse' by the very definition of these terms. You see, until all the polar ice melts, we have not achieved a true 'greenhouse'. Do not be alarmed! As I mentioned above, Earth has been through all this before. And, some day, will go back to another ice age.

But I digress...

Dhungwana is the name of the sole remaining continent in this science fiction thriller. Although in actuality, sea levels will only rise about 30 to possibly 50 feet worldwide when the last of the polar ice finally vanishes from our planet, in this story, it appears that much more of the planet is covered in ocean.

As you might guess, the ramifications of this limited land mass are far and away a drastically different existence than what we know by today's standards. It appears that there is a one world government that controls everything-including the BlueGray Corporation ( a monster conglomerate that provides just about any kind of good or service imaginable).

Meet Ian and Dayla, our hero protagonists of this shocking future world. While working for the BlueGray Corporation in their respective duties, they come across some discrepancies that alarm them. In addition, the couple start to experience odd symptoms that are somehow mysteriously related to a much larger problem that affects everyone. Will Ian and Dayla be able to get to the bottom of the dilemma on Dhungwana?

I actually quite enjoyed this erotica/ sci fi cross genre. The authors kept a good balance between the two aspects of the story. In many ways, I kept thinking of E. G. Manetti's Apprentice Series, as I read Dhungwana 2117. The main difference, besides the fact that this story takes place on Earth, is that one could potentially read Dhungwana 2117 in one sitting. I believe the read time is posted at less than 2 hours.

For me, the sex scenes were fine. Often, they only are the beginning of an intimate session between Dayla and Ian, allowing the reader to use their imagination for the rest. I also liked the premise of this future Earth, though I have already explained the unlikeliness of such an event ever becoming a reality in shaping the surface of the planet over the next 100 years. Although, if any of you remember Waterworld, there was even less of the planet left with dry land in that.

One thing that I did find amusing in Dhungwana 2117, was the awkward and stunted conversations. Often times, it feels as if the only purpose of the characters relaying information in such a manner, is purely for the benefit of the reader actually understanding what is going on. I actually kind of like science fiction dialogue done in this manner. It kind of reminded me of reading a Philip K. Dick novel or short story. I found myself chuckling at some of these two dimensional, emotionless conversations: very reminiscent of 50's and 60's B-science fiction ( a subgenre that is very near and dear to my heart).

So, if you are a nerd, like me, and love this kind of cheesy science fiction with a little bit of sex thrown in for fun, then by all means Dhungwana 2117 will undoubtedly be your cup of tea as well. And at a Kindle price of just 99 cents, you are sure to have an afternoon or evening of guilty pleasure.

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Comment by 4-LAN on June 14, 2015 at 10:45am

Jason, thank you for your comment and for sharing the link for people to cast their favorite actors to play the parts in Dhungwana 2117 !

Comment by Jason on June 12, 2015 at 11:35am

Excited to see the casting selections fans of this book pick when this science fiction thriller hits the big screen!

Comment by 4-LAN on June 12, 2015 at 9:18am

Alright! Glad to hear it, Joleene :)

Comment by Joleene Naylor on June 9, 2015 at 1:02pm

I've grabbed my copy ;)

Comment by 4-LAN on June 9, 2015 at 8:18am

Martin, thank you for your comment. I'm glad to see that a few of us share similar opinions on our tastes in science fiction :)

Comment by Martin Murphy on June 9, 2015 at 2:26am

I'm not sure why sex and sci-fi should be seen as a controversial mix if it works in terms of the story.

I've read quite a lot of Philip K Dick, and must have been too wrapped up in the weird and wonderful concepts for the stunted dialogue to become an issue. I too like the idea of powerful, shadowy corporations (another feature of Dick's work) and would be interested to see how it is handled here.

Thanks for another thoughtful review.

Comment by 4-LAN on June 7, 2015 at 3:46pm

Janis! I'm so glad you came back :-)

I am not sure if you remember E.G. Manetti from back in the day, but her Apprentice Series does do a good job of blending the seemingly conflicted genres. I hope you guys can get together and chat.

Good to see you again :-)

Comment by Janis C. on June 7, 2015 at 1:43pm

Surprise I am back!!! Sadly sex in sci-fi don't seem to blend well to me. It's like the writer threw it in there for the sake and purpose that they had to add it for sex sells. Perhaps though in Dhungwana 2117  has done right and has a purpose for it.

Comment by 4-LAN on June 7, 2015 at 1:02pm

@ Ken Magee-thanks for stopping by and posting a comment. Dhungwana 2117 is a quick, enjoyable read for those who love sci fi mixed with a little erotica. Have you ever read Philip K. Dick? Some of his stories have been made into films such as Blade Runner and Minority Report. If you have ever read Dick's work, you will understand the type of dialogue I am referring to.

@ JW-glad you could make it:-)

You are correct, the visualizations help much, but the 'telling' I believe is an homage to some of these older style sci fi classics. And JW, feel free to share about your book :)

@ Alberta-welcome to the blog! I am so glad you could join us. I hope we can find something for you too :-)

I appreciate your comment and I do try to do my part to help indie authors that write science fiction, fantasy and horror-as these are my favorite genres to read.

And to all my regular readers-please help me welcome Alberta to the group :-)

Comment by albertasequeira on June 7, 2015 at 12:34pm

Lucky for all of us that everyone likes something different or authors would have a hard time for a sale. 

I have never read a science fiction book, but might if it moves fast and keeps my interest. I like a lot of non-fiction or a fictional that I can't put down.

Thanks for the review. It's great that readers like you write such a great review for others!


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