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                                                      Strength, Failure And Weakness 

Most times the greatest challenges to victory are always the strength to carry on in a fight. The fear of our past failures or fear to start a new thing and above all our weaknesses scare us so much that we are almost left with no courage to carry on.



In the days of mike Tyson in the boxing ring, most opponents believed they could win the fight before stepping into the ring with him. But they soon get knocked down and are not able to carry on because they have no sufficient strength to get up or continue the fight. Even mike Tyson at a point was knocked down and counted out when a man of greater strength encountered him. So winning is also about strength to carry on.



Derek Redmond, a British athletic record holder, had prepared so well for the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, with great prospects. But soon after the start of the race, tragedy struck – he tore his hamstring and fell. Failure in his mission to win stared him in the face, as he hobbled through the track.


He braced up against the failure and still completed the race with a standing ovation from the spectators, who saw his courage to continue the race in so much pain, even when failure was right before his face. Derek, failed to win a medal in the Olympics, and to further worsen his dilemma, he was told by a surgeon he would never run again or represent his country in sport.


Derek had to quit running based on this. But he didn’t quit sports after the incident; he improved on his passion for sports by working hard at various other sports and endeavors with great successes and achievements. He secured a place in Great Britain Men’s Basketball Team and sent a signed photo of the team to the surgeon that had assured him he would never represent his country in sport again.



The weakness of the ants has never stopped or left them with excuses from being able to provide food in summer. The conies are but a feeble folk, yet make their houses in the rocks. And in life we will always have weaknesses, no matter what. But we need only to know how to transform such weaknesses to strength. (Proverbs 30:24-28)


Strength, failures and weakness have been major challenges to success and victory over life’s circumstances. But it is gladdening to know that you could win any challenge and succeed over any circumstance with your small strength, life failures and weaknesses.


Your small strength, failures and weakness are a needed requirement for victory


 Giving up is about letting go of courage, confidence and effort. This happens when we start seeing little of ourselves, measured against whatsoever may confront us. The good news is that the requirement for victory are your weakness, small strength or failure………..



This is an excerpt from one of my new eBooks “Why you must never give up”

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