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At 8:47am on December 21, 2008, Lucien Black said…
Thanks for the advice. Page is updated. :)
At 9:31pm on December 11, 2008, Gina McGowan Cade said…
Hello Gladys, I especially enjoyed the two stories about having the wrinkles. I hope to be in touch with you over the weekend.
At 3:36pm on December 8, 2008, Geoff Nelder said…
Thanks Gladys. I was as nervous as a goldfish in a shark tank but once I started it was all right - I think. When Maggie Ball finishes the processing and sends me a link to the archive I'll post it everywhere - unless I sounded very baaad!
At 12:28am on December 5, 2008, Gina McGowan Cade said…
Yes, I am looking for articles for Phenomenal Magazine. Thank you!
At 11:36pm on December 4, 2008, Gina McGowan Cade said…
Hello Gladys, I would love to read Still Waters Run Deep.
Please keep in touch with me. Happy writing, Gina.
At 10:35am on December 3, 2008, Sherlyn Powell said…
Hi Gladys,
You have an interesting life and I like your book titles.
At 6:11am on December 1, 2008, Gladys Hobson said…
Hi Silky. I have put your fascinating book of army life ("You two! Fall in — In Three Ranks!" on my Amazon Listmania.
At 5:28am on December 1, 2008, John Silkstone said…
Hi there Gladys, this is Silky here. Surly you know what a WIDGET is, It a THINGY MY JIG, or a WHAT’S ITS NAME.
Love your book ‘When phones were immobile and lived in Red Boxes’ and believe you are correct about your money falling down a drain and a lorry driver fishing the coins out for you. You say that it possibly wouldn’t happen today as people would see some evil intent in a stranger talking to two small girls. I’m sorry to say that I think we have become a nation of people who are afraid to help someone in need, in case we are arrested for interfering.
At 9:21am on November 27, 2008, CG Walters said…
Very nice collection of works, Gladys. Congratulations and continued inspiration!
At 9:33pm on November 18, 2008, Stacy-Deanne said…
Hi Gladys, thanks for stopping by! Best wishes to you!
At 9:31pm on November 10, 2008, Jan LeComte said…
You sound like a fascinating person Gladys...and very creative! I love that. "Wrinkly Writers" hahaha how fun. This sounds like a comic strip title!
Thanks so much for adding me as your friend :)
At 10:10am on November 10, 2008, Vincent Wright said…
Thanks kindly for reaching out to be my friend, Gladys! If I can ever be of help to you and your professional networking efforts, please let me know, ok?

Keep STRONG, Gladys!
Vincent Wright
At 7:31pm on November 8, 2008, Jan LeComte said…
Hi Gladys, I tried to send a friend request but for some reason the application
isn't working. I'm an artist/writer and love all things creative!
Peace and have a wonderful week
At 2:14pm on October 21, 2008, Author & Book Promotions said…
Hello Glays,

Thank you for the information! I look forward to networking with you and to learn more about your work.


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