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I am not famous. I will never be rich. I will most likely never stand and speak before thousands of people. But, I have a story to tell. You could say this is an adventure. Once you begin reading this you will see how God took an ordinary man from a little hollow in Johnson City, TN through many different trials; ranging from thoughts of suicide, drinking, and going from one bad marriage to another. During all this, the Lord was directing me (most of the time without me realizing it). In doing so, He directed me to a small church where I began as an usher. He then led me to a huge church in Richmond, Michigan where I ended up in the middle of the original Mormon Church. You will see how the Lord began to reveal truths to me that I could have never known on my own and how He used me as a vessel to open the eyes of those around me. I went from being called into meetings with church elders to having men and women of the church rise against me, demanding that I be silenced. One of my favorite quotes is "Adversity introduces a man to himself." - Albert Einstein. Trust me, I believe it. I was ordained after only a year and began to preach in many churches throughout Michigan. Along the way, I made many friends, enemies, and encountered demon possessed people, all the while, preaching only the truth from the word of God. This book is ten years in the making. It is my life- full of heartaches and pain, love and joy. I wrote it not for money but to assure the reader that no matter what your walk of life, God is still God and He is not a respecter of persons. He does however have a perfect purpose and plan for your life. Take your eyes off your circumstances and look upon Jesus. I have had to remind myself of this many times. My life is now better than it has ever been. It is truly a life worth living.

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