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Book Video Trailer: Amber Shadows And The Missing Wands

Two secrets have remained hidden and protected within a trunk in the Shadows attic; however, unbeknownst to them, hidden within the rings of wood just beyond their backyard is a third secret. Amber Shadows, the youngest of three, discovers two of these secrets while searching for information on a White Magic witch or wizard relative she must write about in an essay. During a birthday campout, Amber is awakened by an apparition, who leads her to discover the third secret. Having no understanding as to how dangerous possessing these three secrets interlaced by the same quill truly is, Amber convinces her two best friends to journey along with her on a dangerous quest. Terrifying events unfold during her quest to find her parents, grandparents, and two wands with the greatest of magical powers. Amber and friends must overcome obstacles, take on conjured up beasts, find their way out of traps, and manage to return home safe and sound - but will they?

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