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Book Video Trailer: The Unveiling By Kristin Decker (

The Unveiling: An American Teacher in a Saudi Palace chronicles the efforts of American school teacher and author Kristin Decker, who served with her husband as a tutor for the children of the Saudi Royal Family in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. During their time there, they learned much about the culture of Saudi Arabia, and the insight they gained working for the Saudi prince and princess gave way to a hope that the U.S. can improve relations with Mideastern nations and that peace and democracy in the Mideast is possible. Some have even called their story “a modern day version of The King and I.” The Unveiling: An American Teacher in a Saudi Palace (ISBN 1-58939-912-9, 2006, Virtual Book Worm Publishing, Inc, College Station, TX, 200 pages, $13.95 softback, For a review copy of The Unveiling or to arrange an interview with Kristin Decker contact book publicist Scott Lorenz of Westwind Communications Book Marketing at or 734-667-2090.

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