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Inspirations from Grandma Rose-Time

Time is so invisible, you never see it passing.--Grandma Rose

"And now, looking through the tunnel of these many years, I can see what in my youth I could not--that time is a limited and precious gift."--Grandma Rose

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When my mind and body were filled with youth, time barely passed around me. Years, seasons, even days crept by with the sloth of an inchworm--Grandma Rose

Tending Roses by Lisa Wingate

Indian wisdom says our lives are rivers. We are born somewhere small and quiet and we move toward a place we cannot see, but only imagine. Along our journey, people and events flow into, and we are created of everywhere and everyone we have passed. Each event, each person, changes us in some way. Even in times of drought we are still moving and growing, but it is during seasons of rain that we expand the most-when water flows from all directions, sweeping at terrifying speed, chasing against rocks, spilling over boundaries. These are painful times, but they enable us to carry burdens we could never have thought possible.
This I learned from my grandmother, when my life was rushing with torrential speed and hers was slowly ebbing into the sea.

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