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I have been searching around the internet for places that I can advertise my book for free, and interestingly enough I found quite a number of websites. These websites are a good way to get your book out on the internet and get some feedback on them. Most sites also give you an ability to place pictures, articles and video relating to your work with free advertising in their bookshop. Check it out for yourself:

I'll keep everyone updated if I find anymore.
Enjoy and I hope it helps,
Stacey T Pollock.

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There is another one I forgot to add:
Thanks Stacey

I use several of the sites on the list but did not know about the others. Thanks for sharing.
Here are 2 more sites if you are interested:
These are great places to advertise your book. For a bunch more, you might want to check out my list of over 30+ places to list or add your book for free. Each one gives you another opportunity to gain a little exposure and potentially sell some copies of your book.

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Peter, what a wealth of information! Thanks so much!
Thanks for the excellent site that also offers alot more for marketing.
I like authorsden and selfpublishersplace. Also I found it quite different and unique, linktiles. You can also use your link tiles as a signature.
Stacey, some of these I've never heard of. Thanks for sharing!


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