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Hi all,

I'm a wine blogger, and author of a wine tasting guide eBook.

Like many eBook authors, I feel I have a good deal of expertise in my field - in this case, wine. What I do NOT have any expertise in is eBook promotion!

So - I'm appealing to you, the good people of this network, to help me (and maybe this discussion will help others in the future).

Since I am totally new to this world of eBooks... I've got a question for you:

If you were to pick one resource (whether free or not) that you'd suggest to me to promote my eBook, what would that one resource be?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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There are sites that specialize in selling ebooks and books for mobile devices. I would get you book on all that you can.

But you have an advantage in that you are working the niche market of wine. I would pursue that, posting with links on wine forums, swapping links with wine bloggers, etc.
Joe, I drink wine and use it in my books, specifically the winery near me, Duplin Winery, which has a gift shop which now stocks both of my mysteries. Namedropping helps secure the support whether it's wine or coffee, etc. Let me know how it goes.
To further both these tips, I knew a guy who wrote a book on English/Spanish for restaurant workers. He didn't bother with bookstores, went straight to restaurant supply houses, jobbers and wholesalers.

My guess would be your best bet would to look into wine snob catalogs, and to look for distributors who supply wine and gourmet shops.


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