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Here is a great little article on using word-of-mouth marketing for your book promotion efforts. Some of it has been said before, but I always find reading these little articles helps jog my memory and gets me thinking of marketing instead of writing.

Using Word-of-Mouth Marketing for Your Book Promotion Efforts

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You bring up some great points as usual. I constantly talk about my writing to my friends and co-workers. Many have bought my book, read my articles and visited my web site. We have great discussions on the many issues on which I write. I am constantly writing articles and as a result I have seen a huge increase in visitors to my site and also my exposure in search engines.
Hi, no doubt that using word-of-mouth marketing for your book promotion efforts could be of great help. However, internet has gone a long way helping newbie authors in marketing books across different target readers and mediums.
Good article. I believe, word of mouth is still helpful.
Great stuff. Most of my books have been sold via word of mouth so it definitely still works. The hard part is getting a snowball effect. I'm still working on that part.

Word of mouth is still the best. I know I have the most success when talking and visiting with people at book festivals, conventions, book fairs and school kids. It gives a more personal touch and feel then the net and social media.

Forums and discussions have their place and are effective, but in my opinion, cannot replace a smile and handshake.


Shawn Lamb

author of Allon

There are plenty of widgets that can help turn word-of-mount marketing into viral marketing.  Find the widget that best suites your book, marketing strategy and message, then give it to supports.  Supports can embed it on their websites, blogs and posts for their visitors to get and embed, and so on.  Look for widgets that repurpose existing content to save time (i.e., Twitter, Facebook, blog posts, Youtube, etc.)


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