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I am currently reading Brent Sampson's "Sell Your Book on Amazon" based on hearing about it on this network. I am learning a lot. And it made me wonder:

What 5 books would you recommend to someone who is writing and self-publishing a book?

Thanks in advance!

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The only book I've read on writing at all is: Damn! Why Didn't I Write That? How Ordinary People are Raking in $100,000 or more Writing Niche Books and How You Can Too by Marc McCutcheon.

Great title! I'll check it out.
Thanks Nicole!
Seriously? Just two suggestions? I was expecting a ton!

Well, I guess it won't take me long to read just these.

Here's my favorites:
Smart Self-Publishing, Linda Salisbury (Rather discouraging tone- but some good beginning info.)
1001 Ways to Market Your Book, John Kremer
Plug Your Book, Steve Weber
The Complete Guide to Book Marketing, David Cole
I think we used the Tom Ross book, too. But I can't remember for sure!

Or, what I found more helpful than a book:
The Colorado Independent Publishers Association "Newbie" college held each March ( in Denver.
OR: Get Dr. Judith Briles to help you as a consultant. She's great.

thanks Pamela!
David, There is no other but Peter Bowerman's The Well-Fed Self-Publisher, and Dan Poynter's Writing Non-Fiction. Also, for serious books, try Getting It Published by William Germano. Those are on my bookshelf and consider them required reading by anyone writing, editing and publishing for themselves or others.
Blessings, Bea
Thanks Bea! I'll check those out.
Just a quick note. The books mentioned below are all definite reads but I personally would start with Peter Bowerman's Well Fed. It is a really easy, enjoyable writing style. Dan Poynter's is also great once you've decided you want to go independent self-publishing and need the nuts and bolts. If, however, you choose subsidy self-publishing (POD) neither of these books will help you choose who to work with. You could check out a book called The Fine Print that compares POD companies for that.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the info Cheryl!
Great question! There are more than five books, however, that are excellent on teh subject of self-publishing. Which ones are best depends on each individual's experience and background.

I've compiled a list of the many books I've read on the subject. I created a ListMania on Amazon titled "Best Books on Book Publishing." Check it out:
Thanks for the info Bill. I'll check out the list!


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