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I'm still learning the art of marketing and sellling the book.

Hi, I'm Sean Toh from Singapore. I have just written, self published and distributed my new book to all major bookstores in Singapore. I 'm still very curious on how to market my book to be a best-seller in Singapore that I bought this book by John kremer - "1001 ways to market your book". I have started reading it and also joined Book Marketing Network to learn from all writers out there who are willing to be my mentors as I'm pretty new to the world of writting, publishing and marketing book. Please guide me along as I 'm most willing to learn from all of you. Hopefully, we can work together in the future and launch a new book in Singapore. Thanks to all my mentors

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My name is Dennis AuBuchon and I am the author of a book titled Integrity: Do You Have It? 2nd edition. I have a web site that may help provide some links and ideas in marketing your book. The web address is There is a free download of my publishing experiences where I provide ideas on marketing and what I have learned. I also provide links to various marketing sites and other information that may benefit you in your efforts to gain exposure and recognition. Let me know what you think.

Dennis AuBuchon
Author: Integrity: Do You Have It? 2nd edition.
Dear Dennis,

Thanks for the invitation and the great infomation. Nothing to lose by learning more and trying all the new ideas. I'm pretty positive about it. Share with all of us. Thanks.

Yours Sincerely
Sean Toh
I will encourage you to be very creative in marketing your book don't be afraid to step out of the box.
Sounds like you have a good start. I've learned a lot by simply visiting and participating on the various author and writer online forums and social networks - no better place then to hear other peoples experiences. From my experience, there seems to be no one way to go about marketing a book; I agree with Shontell, think outside the box.

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