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Marketing is the most important thing once you have your book in hand, and most authors are like me and can't afford a publicist to help get their book out there. Perhaps if we share some marketing that we've each done for our own books, it will give others ideas on how to do the same. I also can't buy the hundreds of books out on marketing as I live on disability and the little I do make with the books.

Some of the things I've done so far. On my one book, The Choice Is YOurs and also DVD taped on TN death row with death row inmates talking to the kids about how they found themselves on death row and what it's like. They talk to the kids about gangs, drugs, alcohol, and committing crimes and they pull no punches or make any excuses. They were guilty and now they're facing their punishment, which is loss of life.

For this, I went on line and make a copy of all Christian schools in the us, then send each an email telling about the dvd and book. Of 8000 emails, I sold four DVD's. I'm now doing regular schools, in each state. Once that list is done I will send a flyer on it as well. I am also compiling a listing of emails for churches as most have youth groups that the dvd should be played.

I don't know what else to do with this one to get out there with this one.....I do send press releases to all the newspapers in the US on all books.

For my newest book my life story, A Mothers Torment, I have no clue who to contact as this would be something most anyone could relate to.

For my book on women who ride motorcycles, I took one state and sent all the motorcycle shops an email flyer on it and got a few orders, but not enough to really say it was a success. I'd also thought of contacting leather shops on it as everyone who rides wears leather and buys in shops.

Anyone else have marketing ideas on any books or what they've done to try and market their books.

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My name is Dennis AuBuchon and we are linked as friends. My book is titled Integrity: Do You Have It? 2nd edition. I have a web site that may be of some benefit to you and other authors. The web site is It is a site which has two purposes. One is to provide information to aid authors in getting exposure for their publications and writing. I have received many complements on my site and the information it provides for authors/writers. The other purpose of my site is to market my books, articles and services.

Dennis AuBuchon
Author: Integrity: Do You Have It? 2nd edition
Hi Dennis,

I went to your site and you have so much information there. I bookmarked it as I want to read through all the pages that you have for authors to find anything they need to find. It looks like it's loaded with great information and I saw many I want to get to reading and learning about. I know it had to take a long time to get so much information on it, looks like a great site. No, I don't have your book, but will be checking them over as I go through your site. Thanks for letting me know about it. Gives me ideas for my own site which doesn't have much on it compared to yours.
Hi Shirley -- You may want to check out what Amaal Tokars is trying to orchestrate (actually her husband) -- she is a member on this site and trying to gather authors for a book review thing with this ning and amazon -- look her up here and see if that my be one thing you may be willing to do.
thanks Judi, I'll check out her site and see what she's doing.....takes a lot of time to do all these things and get out there.....
You might look at the ATV shops. I have had interest in my book on mining history and a small mine in Colorado (the Orphan Boy) from them.

Your Friend
H. Court Young
Author and Publisher
I'm going to get email addresses from the motorcycle shops and try and get them to buy a few copies of the women and motorcycles book....I had done a few of them without much response....but I will try more before giving up on them....
thanks, I will check it out.... My books are all different areas from the motorcycle book to one called, The Choice Is Yours for schools and churches as well as home.... Then I have some on juvenile crime and death penalty So for each book I have to contact different places, which is good in one way as it gives me a lot of different people who might be interested in buying the book. It's just a matter of getting to these different places...


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